Citroën C3 Air Concept 1998 Design Interior Exterior

Citroën C3 Air Concept 1998 Design Interior Exterior – A mid the advancement of the C3, a cabriolet was proposed. Citroën assembled this C3-Air idea auto in 1998 which thus prompted the “not an idea auto” Pluriel which was appeared in 1999 and inevitably, with considerable changes, went into creation as the C3 Pluriel in 2003.

This idea will be introduced at the World Automotive 1998 and represents another engineering and style for autos in Segment B class. With this vehicle, Citroën offers another method for envisioning the reduced auto of the not so distant future. Composed by the workplace Citroën style, this auto denote the resurrection and restoration of the marqie.

The creators have composed another sort “fundamental auto” intended to be similarly at home on street and on the motorway or around the local area with the most refined levels of security, flexibility, economy and usefulness, C3 (Citroën Design Center) join style with usefulness in a way that few gèrent.Donato Coco idea autos respects the obligation of the task.

C3 has a liberal and enticing identity. the front imprint what ought to be the citroen style for quite a long time to venir-sunroof including glass supports is emphatically keen. The seats are situated numerous ways and are exchangeable on account of a rail framework and passage in the vehicle is encouraged by four suicide entryways. As far as insides, the glove confine swings to sack partners with a lot of storage room. a convertible form was likewise offered the C3 Pluriel.

Engine: 4cyl TU5JP 1597 cm3, 90HP
3,675 m long, 1.73 m wide, 1.62 high.

Citroën C3 Air Concept 1998 Design Interior Exterior

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