Citroën C35 1984 Design Interior Exterior

The Citroën C35 is business vehicles of 3.5 tons P.T.A.C. (As the name recommends) made by the producer Fiat somewhere around 1974 and 1987 in Italy and in France by Chausson from 1987. In France, the C35 contended Peugeot J7/J9 and Renault Master. It was at first proposed as a C32 Version (P.T.A.C. 3.2 tons).

Legacy of a previous union in the field of traveler autos, the specialized collaboration amongst Fiat and Citroën in the utility segment will be the antecedent of future assentions that will offer ascent to the Sevel organization. It will deliver in Italy Citroen C25/J5 Peugeot and Citroën Jumper/Peugeot Boxer and later in France utilitarian MPVs Citroën Jumpy/Peugeot Expert.

Clone of the Fiat 242 Italian, the C35 has a cutting edge bodywork charming style with an expansive glass zone, the entire standing out strongly from status Type H. Interestingly, a van incorporated a shield guards forward.

The C35 emerged by its four-wheel autonomous suspension with torsion bars (as the Type H) and four plate brakes (like the GS and CX vehicles). In March 1974, the C35 is path relatively revolutionary since it stopping mechanism will be stretched out by different brands over a quarter century! Not at all like the Type H, all motors were completely Citroën: they originated from the Citroën CX petrol or diesel however the turn was switched in light of the fact that the BV from Citroën ID are furnished with 2 gear switching the course of pivot Cardan yields. Every single moving part of the motor are topsy turvy and in this manner incongruent with that of the CX (eg. Starter). The Fiat 242 petrol variant of Fiat got a coalition.

Numerous body variations were proposed, van, get covering, smaller than normal transport, school transport, camper vans and rescue vehicle. betailleres has steeds (Theault has avranches and heuliez). The Citroën utility will encounter some early rust issues on the most uncovered parts of the body the same number of vehicles of this era.

For 1980, the C35 gets to be C35 L by getting a 2.5-liter diesel, front turn signals streaming, side shields and a switching light. After four years, the C35 R group is another dashboard.

In Italy, the creation ceased in 1987 when the mechanical production system was exchanged to France where the C35 proceeded until 1991.1 It may very well lament that it has not got a supercharged motor as C 25 in light of the fact that the braking and taking care of were remarkable. The successor to the C35 will at first expand the tonnage forms of Citroën C25 then, from 1994, the Citroën Jumper.

Citroën C35 1984 Design Interior Exterior

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