Dacia Logan MCV 2013 Design Interior Exterior

As individual in the road accounts are extended ever by the same tokenmore, there’s a developing group of enthusiasm for low-laces autos magnanimity the bare essential yet little more. A long way from ruin on the deals athletic club, this unmistakable has served Dacia neatly in distinctive years.

In keeping by the entire of the shoddy subject, Dacia offers the Logan by the greater part of a trinity of near the ground limit motors. Petrol and pressure ignition motor are both spoken to, by the greater part of the lost gloating delicate CO2 appraisals and down to earth efficiency. Diesel, without a doubt, enhances these cases, amid you beyond any doubt thing need expected piling on the miles to warrant the on top of everything expense of purchasing and night and day a pressure ignition motor auto.

The Logan’s no nonsense gat an idea about something to motoring typically make the lodge experience, commonly the belt covered with related past-era Renault switchgear. While this won’t not infer energizing, everybody fills in as proposed and ends up being natural and unimportant to work.

They confer not get a look at that particular but rather the Logan’s seats attempt a significant arrangement of backing. At both paddles in water speeds the auto’s lodge is perchance tranquil, amid this can peak for the low lease when you request the different motors hard. Dim, bash-confirmation plastics and an immeasurable lodge and made a pig of range are embodiment qualities for a simple group auto. With these components with a family-accommodating tranquil cost camp on the doorstep of and the related night and day costs, it’s entirely to markdown Dacia’s near the ground bequest auto.

Engine Specifications
Cylinders : 3
Displacement : 898 Cm3
Power : 66 Kw @ 5250 Rpm | 90 Hp @ 5250 Rpm | 89 Bhp @ 5250 Rpm
Torque : 100 Lb-Ft @ 2500 Rpm | 136 Nm @ 2500 Rpm
Fuel System : Multipoint Injection + Turbo
Fuel : Petrol
Co2 Emissions : 116 G/Km
Performance Specifications
Top Speed : 109 Mph Or 175 Km/H
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 Kph) : 11.1 S
Fuel Consumption Specifications
City : 36.8 Mpg Us Or 6.4 L/100km
Highway : 54.7 Mpg Us Or 4.3 L/100km
Combined : 47 Mpg Us Or 5 L/100km
Transmission Specifications
Drive Type : Front Wheel Drive
Gearbox : 5 Speed Manual
Brakes Specifications
Front : Ventilated Disk
Rear : Drums
Tires Specifications
Tire Size : 185/65 R15
Dimensions Specifications
Length : 176.9 In Or 4493 Mm
Width : 68.2 In Or 1732 Mm
Height : 61 In Or 1549 Mm
Front/Rear Track : 58.8/58.1 In Or 1,494/1,476 Mm
Wheelbase : 103.7 In Or 2634 Mm
Cargo Volume : 20.2 Cuft Or 572 L
Weight Specifications
Unladen Weight : 2288 Lbs Or 1038 Kg
Gross Weight Limit : 3571 Lbs Or 1620 Kg

Dacia Logan MCV 2013 Design Interior Exterior

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