DAF 55 2-door Saloon 1967 Design Interior Exterior

The saloon was dispatched toward the end of 1967, with the car variant propelled three months after the fact, in March 1968. The roadster was general more exquisite than the cantina, including a lower and tenderly inclining rooftop line, pillarless entryways and a more upscale inside highlighting leaning back seats, floor covering rather than the saloon’s elastic tangles and fake wood on the dashboard. In spite of the fact that the rooftop line transformed it from a 4-seater into a 2+2, the roadster was an extremely fruitful model; 1 in 8 sold DAF 55s was a car.

In September 1968 the home form got to be accessible. In August 1969 there was a minor facelift of the entire model reach and a conveyance adaptation got to be accessible, basically a 55 domain without a back seat. After the accomplishment of the DAF 55 in the London-Sydney Marathon, the merchant choice “Marathon” bundle was presented. The multi-level bundle implied that the merchant could fit an optical bundle with composite haggles parts, an uprated suspension, parts to redesign the B110 motor to 65 bhp (48 kW), or the greater part of the above.

In 1971 the processing plant variant of this bundle was presented, essentially called the 55 Marathon. This did not include a redesigned suspension, and had a 63 bhp (47 kW) 1108 cc motor, the BR110. This raised the top pace to 145 km/h. The 55 Marathon included more extensive steel wheels, outside striping and a brake promoter was included for wellbeing and comfort. The Marathon was accessible as a saloon or a coupe.

In 1971 the roadster got typical entryways with columns, since the prior pillarless configuration ended up being defective and loud at pace.

DAF 55 2-door Saloon 1967 Design Interior Exterior

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