DAF 55 Siluro 1968 Car Design Interior Exterior

The Siluro was loved by Michelotti and he kept the auto in great request untill his unfavorable demise. The auto then came in the ownership of his child. He kept the auto in his patio nursery in memory of his dad. During that time the auto’s condition weakened; fledgling were flying in and out, mutts and felines stayed in it and the storage compartment contained honeycombs.

After numerous years there was minimal left of the auto lastly the Siluro was sold to a German trader. This man offered the auto promptly to the DAF Museum in the Netherlands.

With financing from the DAF Museum, the abandoned auto was purchased and restored in the first condition. The auto’s body required a great deal of consideration and craftsmanship to restore as there were clearly no extra parts for this one of a kind model. Extraordinary consideration needed to made to the hand-made pail seats and in addition re-chrome plating the hand-made chrome parts. The most lively of the street autos was th DAF 55 Coupe, which served as a base for the Siluro idea.

Following quite a while of fastidious work by the exhibition hall staff, the DAF 55 “Siluro” by Michelotti is back in it’s unique magnificence and has at last, 37 years after its presentation in Geneva. The demonstrate the auto will turn into a lasting showcase in the DAF exhibition hall (Tongelresestraat 27, Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

DAF 55 Siluro 1968 Car Design Interior Exterior

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