DAF CF 400 8×4 FAD Day Cab Tipper 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck

DAF CF 400 8×4 FAD Day Cab Tipper 2013 Design Interior Exterior TruckDAF Trucks 50th commemoration festivities at the current year’s Tip-Ex and Tank-Ex in Harrogate. DAF Trucks’ stand will gladly show a unique gold-hued Euro-6 “Development” CF 400 FAD Sleeper-Cab eight-wheeler on advance from the Sheffield-based tipper administrator.

This 6.4-meter wheelbase display highlights 28 ton front axles, an Aliweld body and Harsh K110N under-floor tipping gear – together tipping the scales at 12.2 tons. Outside the Show Halls, John Owen Aggregates will a

lso be showing a Day-Cabbed subordinate of DAF Trucks’ Construction CF 400 FAD, again with a 400hp PACCAR MX-11 motor, and part of an underlying conveyance of three eight-wheelers declared in February. The mass totals pro now has four more DAF 8x 4s due for conveyance and has quite recently put in a request for another three.

The CF’s new Euro-6 FAD frame course of action for tipper, snare loader and blender applications, gives muscle heads the perfect stage to introduce an extensive variety of subordinate gear DAF Trucks’ Construction CF run incorporates committed 6×4 and 8×4 models, all with extreme, strong skeleton for on/off-site operations.

While these substantial obligation body might be determined with center diminishment back axles, 6×4 and 8×4 models additionally accompany a UK-particular driveline with single-lessening back axles to guarantee most extreme payload for the 26-and 32-ton segments; axles are mounted on a high enunciation, steel-sprung back bogie, with two 7.1-ton axles in advance on the 8×4 and 8 or 9-ton choices on the 6×4.

The new, lightweight Euro-6, 10.8-liter, MX-11 (as determined by John Owen Aggregates) spares 180kg from its MX-13 stablemate, and, taking after late changes to the front suspension, a further sparing of more than 100kg is made on the 8×4 FAD case. DAF Trucks likewise offers a “haulage” model with drop pillar front axles and front underrun insurance. With a 147mm lower mounted taxi, enhanced vision helps drivers in urban situations. The “haulage” show additionally advantages from the lighter weight 7.1-tonne front axle suspension arrangement.

DAF CF 400 8×4 FAD Day Cab Tipper 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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