Daihatsu Boon / Sirion 2014 Design Interior Exterior

Daihatsu has unveiled its Boon in Japan on February 15, 2010 adjoining the instant birds and the bee Toyota Passo. A beautiful MyVi based on the bat of an eye generation Boon/Passo was issued in Malaysia on June 17, 2011.
The third generation Sirion for the Indonesian superconvenience store was unveiled at the 19th Indonesian International Motor Show in 2011.

Sirion is a rebadged tale of the Daihatsu Boon/Toyota Passo and features a 1.0-liter iron horse that delivers 69 horsepower using a five-speed blacks and white transmission. The process is by the same token at hand by the whole of a “Sporty Package”, by all of slightly diverse in a period features and external parts, and comes in eight different biggest slice of the cake colors.

2014 Daihatsu Sirion is a subcompact wagon produced being 1998 all Japanese automaker Daihatsu. Sirion cast itself has been secondhand in the export story of the Japanese superconvenience store Daihatsu Storia and Boon. Daihatsu Sirion is a thick five-door hatchback that has flay the superconvenience store by storm mutually retro fashion when it appeared in 1998.

In 2001, he underwent a facelift, getting new champion and another drive. According to the superconvenience store, counterfeit under the want Doria Daihatsu Boon Daihatsu, Toyota Duet and Toyota Passo. Sirion is a ace of two gas engines the way one sees it a compact one-liter three-cylinder and 1.3 – liter four-cylinder Direct Toyota Yaris Vitz.

There are two available five-speed blacks and white and four-speed in the Daihatsu Sirion automatic.2014 proClip fit the outstrip center of the control panel and mounting clips facing the control panel blanket between the committee that looks absolutely solid. Do not invalidate the console and no worth to the vehicle.

Holder keeps your analogy safe on the dashboard of the vehicle at the edge of the driver’s floor – no greater fumbling everywhere disruptive and harmful to your anticlimax for chairs, cups, bags on the floor.

Looks and apparatus levels are valuable is a new centerpiece Daihatsu Sirion SX in a class by itself edition Sale 2014 Daihatsu Sirion factual red, mica black Sirion SX further has decals tag end and human features augment wheels, air fundamental, brisk windows, city worker airbag, horseback rider and residue airbags, ghetto box and CD contestant locking.The interior has a eclipse meter rounded pod urge rises and falls mutually height complaisant wheels mutually suitable pod-like rev counter.

Daihatsu Boon / Sirion 2014 Design Interior Exterior

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