Daihatsu Cast 2017 Cool Design Little Kei-car

Daihatsu Cast 2017 Cool Design Little Kei-Car – Daihatsu Motor introduces a kei car or also called a small car called Daihatsu Cast. Three types of Daihatsu Cast that have been born in 2017 are Activa, Sport and Style. All three models have similar engine and platform bases. Only, the difference lies in the exterior design, front view, and for the Sport model does have a lower suspense system compared to other models.

Seeing the figure of the Daihatsu Cast looks like a tiny crossover that is in the Kei-Car category. The design is arguably cute as a city car, but all types of Daihatsu Cast 2017 are pretty cool. These types are Daihatsu Cast Activa, Daihatsu Cast Sport, and Daihatsu Cast Style. All types of Daihatsu Cast 2017 are enough to give a cool impression to each type. In Daihatsu Cast Activa where interpreting an active and cheerful car. Daihatsu Cast Sport looks dashing and sporty, for Daihatsu Cast Style looks trendy and funky as a small city car.

Daihatsu Cast 2017 Cool Design Little Kei-car

The Daihatsu Cast 2017 has a Kei-Car dimension with SUV-style accessories that are ready to compete with others. Thicker front bumper plus rear diffuser and front bumper protector complete with over fender. Besides that, the application of a roof rack and all terrain tires with a diameter of 15 dengan that matches the theme of sport and active.

Daihatsu intelligently plays the imagination of young people by translating it into the interior design of Daihatsu Cast 2017. The interior is not inferior to its exterior design. Neutral colors like black and bright color accents make a chic impression on the interior of Daihatsu Cast. Not only a mere color game, the rear cabin design and front dashboard are also stylish young people.

Daihatsu Cast 2017 Cool Design Little Kei-car

Interior features and equipment Daihatsu Cast 2017 with rounded AC grille holes, next to the center and even boxes. Large screen in the center of the dashboard with hi-tech and modern touches. Seeing the Daihatsu Cast 2017 speedometer is also not boring, looks cute with a bright silver background. The all-digital panel panel and its neat position, including the placement of the automatic transmission lever. While further down there is a USB slot and an additional socket to charge the cellphone.

The front seat of the Daihatsu Cast 2017 feels spacious, typical driving position of the MPV that tends to be upright. The rear seat will feel comfortable and spacious. The seat is quite soft and quite thick as well as the rear seat can be folded. It turned out that the luggage was still enough to hold two gallons of water.

Daihatsu Cast 2017 begins to develop from Daihatsu Move. In addition, the Daihatsu Cast is designed more concisely, with designs that leave a box impression. Daihatsu Cast 2017 itself still carries the 660 cc three-cylinder DOHC engine, which is the same as other kei-cars.

Daihatsu Cast 2017

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