Daihatsu Gran Max Minibus 2007 Design Interior Exterior

Daihatsu Gran Max Minibus 2007 Design Interior Exterior – Daihatsu Gran Max minibuses are car mini bus by having MPV design that uses a mixture of the engine between the type of SUV to the MPV. The main advantage of the Daihatsu Gran Max Minibus has sufficient passenger capacity. Compared to other MPV SUVs and reinforced engines that have advantages in strength and durability this engine is quite good. With various advantages embedded in it, the Daihatsu Gran Max Minibus 2007 is the best alternative to bring families. Daihatsu Gran Max MB consists of two variants namely Minibus Minibus 1,300 cc and 1,500 cc.

Daihatsu Gran Max design has medium size and can even be said to be mini and still looks attractive. By using the design concept Spring Bonnet will provide a good aerodynamic system for speeding down the street. The front of the Daihatsu Gran Max minibus has a front fascia that is quite attractive with a small grill with integrated headlamps that are large and have a medium-sized front bumper.

Then on the side, Daihatsu Gran Max MB also looks elegant with chrome accented stripe on the back. Even with having manifold door Sliding Door (Door Slide) on each side to make this car a modern look. Using large-sized tires make this car will be increasingly felt that this car is a mini bus. As for the rear part of the specification Daihatsu Gran Max minibus looks so simple to have rear lights and bumper that blend with the car body.

As for the interior design of the 2007 Daihatsu Gran Max minibus specifications will provide comfort. Because it has a large room according to the Mini Bus concept. Mini buses can accommodate passengers from 9 to 11 people. The Grand Max has interior material that is good enough to provide comfort for all passengers in it. The Daihatsu Gran Max minibus has a modern and ergonomic design. Making it easier for drivers and passengers to adjust their desired needs while traveling.

In the front part of the seat Sliding Seat features will increasingly provide maximum comfort and flexibility while driving. Daihatsu Gran Max minibus also has 3 poit ELR Seat Belt that provide safety and comfort for the driver and several passengers on the front row. This car also has a system of fairly good air conditioner will provide a thorough coolness. Molded Head Lining roof will present a neater and more durable. Moreover specification Daihatsu Gran Max MB also features a large tank capacity so that you in one charging can take this car to distant places without trips to the gas station.

The minibus dimension of the Daihatsu Gran Max has a small size even compared to sedans or mini cars. The Daihatsu Gran Max MB specifications have dimensions of 4,045 x 1,665 x 1,900 mm making this car relatively slim and not too high. With an empty weight of only weighing 1.840 kg making this car can go fast and responsive. Has a fuel storage capacity that can hold up to 43 liters is enough a lot to be able to travel long distances on a single charge of fuel in full.

Daihatsu Gran Max Minibuses 2007 has a Mac Pherson Strut suspension system. The springs on the front and the 5 Rigid Axle links with springs will provide very good shocks. So that it feels solid performance and comfortable handling. As for the braking system, the Daihatsu Gran Max Minibuses 2007 specification uses the Ventilated Disc Brake Booster type. At the front and the Drrum Brake on the rear steering wheel will provide a good braking function. The Daihatsu Gran Max minibus also has the advantage of a stronger and safer body frame. So that when you experience a collision will be able to minimize damage because it has adopted a monocoque body.

Daihatsu Gran Max Minibus 2007 Design Interior Exterior

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