Daihatsu Xenia 2011 Design Interior Exterior

All New Daihatsu Xenia Attivo a refreshment of all-new Daihatsu Xenia early exit, or the term is car facelift, not overlooking there is a variation that is more towards games auto Daihatsu All New Xenia r energetic. Semodel with Toyota’s all-new Avanza most sought after for Xenia in models All New Daihatsu Xenia 1.3 rm/t sexually transmitted disease and Daihatsu All New Xenia R Attivo and Daihatsu Xenia xi and when contrasted and the cost of Toyota Avanza using a loan or money, Daihatsu All New Xenia credit or money is still far less expensive in light of the fact that the determinations Daihatsu Xenia still lower than the model it’s Fellow.

Many people are interested in having one of the cars of two variants Daihatsu Xenia, its as good as you must know both the advantages and disadvantages of the car specifications. Clearly, the two variants (1,000 cc and 1,300 cc) both have good qualities, such as agile and modern. For both types of body design on the car is not much different, but when viewed specifications of the machine there are some differences that you need to know before buying a car that you want. The difference was deliberately created Daihatsu according to the needs of consumers.

Since its dispatch in 2004, Xenia recorded offers of 300 195 units by October 2011. The achievement of Xenia enter the seven-traveler family auto market (MPV) in the nation, kept up by the second era dispatched in November 2011. This is the All New Xenia with another outline and is asserted to keep temperate to keep up VVT-i motor of 1.0 liter and 1.3 liter from the past model. Indonesian customers can have 18 variations All New Xenia which is a small amount of the 1.0-liter models (D and M) and 1.3 liter (X and R).

By and large, the nature of the All New Xenia superior to anything past eras, both as far as configuration, solace, extensive size to the space. Be that as it may, any banderolnya terkerek ride. In light of the rundown cost per November 2011, the least expensive variation of the past era is Xenia Mi 1.0 liter which cost Rp 115.4 million, though now the least expensive variation is Xenia D MT Std which cost Rp 126.6 million. Thus, the more seasoned era is the most costly variation Xenia 1.3 Xi AT Dlx which cost Rp 150.2 million, while now the most costly models are the 1.3 R AT Xenia Attivo esteemed USD 179.3 million.

With these upgrades, and in addition the cost expands, it is appropriate Xenia give better to shoppers. Give us a chance to consider the degree to which Xenia effectively changed.

Daihatsu Xenia 2011 Design Interior Exterior

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