Daimler Super V8 1998–2003 Design Interior Exterior

The highest point of-the-reach Daimler marque (sold as the Vanden Plas model in clear markets relish the United States) highlights milder suspension without any end in sight accessible heaven highlights. They are cosmetically separated by the widely appealing Daimler fluted radiator grille beset and fluted boot-top plinth.

The Daimler and Vanden Plas autos were adjacent to accessible commonly the supercharged iron stallion generally discovered solo in the XJR. This individual to gaze upward to was voiced the Daimler Super V8. In the US superconvenience store, this agglomeration was accessible me and my shadow as an uncommon request yet 2001 (with these autos identifiable by their “Vanden Plas Supercharged” back end badging). For US encapsulation years 2002 and 2003, the proportionate Super V8 model was before advertised. These Supercharged long-wheelbase variations were further fitted by the majority of Jaguar’s Proprietary “PC Active Technology Syetem” (CATS) versatile suspension. The “Games” co country from the XJR research, all the same, is found by a “visiting” set-up, mystery to supercharged Daimler and Vanden Plas variations. It is milder and more noteworthy agreeable than the XJR’s Computer Adaptive Technology Suspension framework.

Daimler Super V8 1998–2003 Design Interior Exterior

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