Datsun Cross 2018 With Design Being Center Attention

Datsun Cross 2018 With Design Being Center Attention – His name changed slightly to “Datsun Cross”. If previously introduced in the form of a concept called Go Cross, this car is finally launched. Datsun Cross 2018 comes with an impressive exterior design to make it the center of attention in every trip. As a result Datsun Cross 2018 car prices will be more expensive than Datsun Go Panca or Go Plus in the segment LCGC. Interestingly again, Datsun Cross 2018 provides a manual and automatic transmission variants that are not owned by the previous Datsun car.

Datsun Cross 2018 combines a balanced layout with the use of the right colors to give the impression of roomy in the cabin space. The right dashboard layout combined with gloss black panel selection, black shift black, and silver accents, adds a sleek impression on the front seat. Seat chairs are easily folded to maximize luggage space.

Datsun Cross 2018 uses LED projector headlamps that can be set to turn on automatically at night or when it enters dark conditions thereby helping to increase visibility. Also powered with fog lights to help view while driving in rain, fog or dust.

The features of Datsun Cross 2018 are much more sophisticated. This car comes carrying ABS technology and VDC or Vehicle Dynamic Control. VDC technology is one of the safety features that can keep the car to stay on track when maneuvering. In addition, Datsun Cross 2018 offers a stylish and modern Crossover design. The outer look looks very handsome and blends with modern interiors are impressive very luxurious. There are many other advantages.

Datsun Cross 2018 With Design Being Center Attention

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