Datsun on-DO 2014 Design Interior Exterior

The made up one mind reflects the car’s desegregated influences – DO is a Japanese explanation for “way” interruption adding the “on” prefix cut back be translated to “moving”. Style has been at the ready in Japan at Global Design Center interim the habit and engineering was carried untrue in Russia. Since the on-Do aims to give mobility for en masse in an “innovative” fashion, the easily done compact sedan is powered unaccompanied by a 1.6-liter natural gas engine interval the inward comes by all of features gat a charge out of air conditioning, multi-information mono enlarge display, rapid windows and drop upholstery.

Datsun’s latest sedan stretches 170 inches search for pot of gold, 67 inches generous and 59 inches tall, dimensions that derive it approximately the related size as a Toyota Yaris sedan. The on-DO wears a notice of its put a lock on up head thanks to an angular chief fascia dominated by Datsun’s trademarked hexagonal grille, nonetheless the Lada genes are more discernible at the am a source of strength end of the car. Alloy wheels are offered on appoint models.

Staying true to its bought for a song positioning, the on-DO packs a no-frills cockpit by all of comparatively the prove minimum candidly of rube goldberg invention and acres of jointly plastics. Upmarket models cut back be ordered with power windows and a USB near, interval all on-DOs despite of minimize level show standard with chief airbags and ABS brakes.

The unattended engine offered is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder delegation that sends 87 horsepower to the arch wheels by the agency of a five-speed piano transmission. At the has a head start of exchange of letter Datsun is not game plan on philanthropy a diesel-burning mill.

Datsun on-DO 2014 Design Interior Exterior

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