De Tomaso Bigua 1999 Unique Sport Design

De Tomaso Bigua 1999 Unique Sport Design – De Tomaso Bigua 1999 was introduced at the motorbike exhibition in Geneva 1996. De Tomaso launched Bigua 1999 before the company stopped production. However, De Tomaso Bigua 1999 did not have the name De Tomaso during its production. Most people know that this car is “Qvale Mangusta”

De Tomaso Bigua 1999 has a composite body and a checkered steel chassis. Bigua 1999 used a suspension of double wishbones around him. Following the tradition of De Tomaso, he used a Ford V8 engine and transmission. Stock V8 inherently meets Federal emission standards. De Tomaso Bigua 1999 also engineered a car to comply with Federal security laws.

De Tomaso Bigua 1999 Unique Sport Design

The exterior design is the shape of the rear wheel angle, which is Gandini’s signature. However, this is not the best design from Gandini, because the profile looks too fat and the hood looks too high. Front lights, grille and front bumper also look unique. Bigua 1999 has features that are quite unique. A flexible roof panel can be fully folded and even hidden. So that the car can be a brilliant Coupe. The rear window and B-pillar activate it electrically. But the roof requires 100% manual operation.

De Tomaso Bigua 1999 has a 2670mm wheelbase, this includes the longest 2-seat. So this can allow the large V8 engine to be positioned behind the front axle. So as to produce a perfect front-to-back weight distribution. The V8 engine moves 4.6 liters and produces 320 hp like the Mustang Cobra. Although Bigua is 100 kg lighter than Mustang, its weight is still quite large at 1450 kg.

De Tomaso Bigua 1999 Unique Sport Design

De Tomaso Bigua 1999 has a very rigid chassis, 50-50 weight distribution. All double wishbones suspension, grippy tires and strong Brembo brakes. So that it looks up well but gives excellent body control. In addition there is the power of oversteering to play together. Braking is very strong and progressive.

Apart from the engine and the Bigua 1999 drivetrain use many Ford components in the cabin. All parts of the Bigua 1999 cabin have twins with Ford components. The door handles and other controls also come from the Ford tray. Therefore, the interior is very similar to the Ford Mustang.

De Tomaso Bigua 1999

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