Design Exterior 2010 Military Truck KraZ 5233 VE

Design Exterior 2010 Military Truck KraZ 5233 VE – At the end of November last year, state tests of the all-wheel drive KrAZ 5233 VE All-terrain vehicle KrAZ-5233VE “Spetsnaz”, with the wheel formula 4×4, were successfully completed, with the aim of putting it into the troops of the countries of Asia and Ukraine. The KrAZ 5233 VE “Spetsnaz” multipurpose vehicle is designed for Prompt delivery of personnel of military units, special purpose units and UN peacekeeping forces, towing artillery systems with caliber up to 152 mm, transport and special trailers for all types of roads G and off-road.

 The truck works confidently in the extreme natural, climatic and road conditions of all continents in the temperature range from -50°C to +60°C at an altitude of up to 5 thousand meters above sea level. Equipped with a centralized tire inflation system, which provides high throughput on soils with low bearing capacity, as well as a winch for self-hauling and towing of various vehicles with a line pull up to 12 tons.

Design Exterior 2010 Military Truck KrAZ 5233 VE

The State Commission and representatives of Asian countries that conducted the car tests consisted of representatives from the countries of Indonesia, India, Pakistan, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the holding company AvtoKrAZ. Five monthly state tests were conducted in severe natural and climatic and road conditions in different regions of Ukraine according to the test program developed earlier.

Cars have overcome about 17000 kilometers on asphalt concrete, dirt roads, sandy roads and mountain roads of Crimea. All machines successfully passed the state tests and have already been recommended by the state commission for the adoption of Ukrainian weapons.

The new car differs from the serial KrAZ 5233 with new units and units, including the integral-type steering gear, control drives for fuel supply, clutch and brakes, a combination of instruments, the heating and ventilation system of the cabin. The gasket of the exhaust pipes has been changed.

Design Exterior 2010 Military Truck KraZ 5233 VE –

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