Design Exterior Interior BYD F3 2007

The presentation of a car of BYD F3, Interestingly it was exhibited in 2005 in auto showroom of Shanghai. At this model there is an arrangement of components of outer and inside execution which do it like Toyota Corolla of the past era. Inside of the first year of procedure of creation, furthermore offers of this auto, he figured out how to end up unbelievably well known in China. It was communicated in number of the deals coming to fifty thousand autos. The car is outfitted with the 1,6-liter petrol motor which control makes one hundred horsepowers. Likewise there is a five-stage transmission.

From all forms the BYD F3 model the wealthiest additionally has arrangement of atmosphere control, frontal wellbeing pads, the lid with the electric drive, a CD changer, furthermore an arrangement of different frameworks. With respect to inward completing, skin went about as material of completing of seats, and as material for boards plastic supplements under a tree served.

In 2007 at a presentation of “Interavto” in Moscow BYD F3-R hatchback which is five-entryway and somewhat littler a vehicle on length was introduced. This model has a few contrasts from past as a few components in inside completing of salon, furthermore as new progressed and more monetary petrol motor which working volume makes one and a half liters, and power – 98 horsepowers. This sort of the motor is made on own generation of force units which was opened as of late by BYD firm. With respect to hardware of different forms of this hechbek, it is made by same plan of changes of a ca

Design Exterior Interior BYD F3 2007

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