Design Interior Exterior Bentley 3 ½ Litre Sports Saloon 1935

The Bentley 3½ Liter (later broadened to 4¼ Liter) was introduced to people in general in September 1933, not long after the demise of Henry Royce, and was the first new Bentley model after Rolls-Royce’s securing of the Bentley brand in 1931.

Bentley sold just the drivable uncovered moving case with motor and gearbox, leave and radiator, prepared for coachbuilders to build on it a body to the purchaser’s necessities. Numerous merchants requested their favored bodies as showroom stock to empower them to stock completed autos prepared for quick deal.

Taking into account a trial Rolls-Royce venture “Peregrine” which was to have had a supercharged 2¾ L motor, the 3½ Liter was at last fitted with a less bold motor created from Rolls’ straight-6 fitted to the Rolls-Royce 20/25. The Bentley variation highlighted a higher pressure proportion, sportier camshaft profile and two SU carburettors on a crossflow barrel head. Genuine force yield was around 110 bhp (82 kW) at 4500 rpm, permitting the auto to achieve 90 mph (145 km/h). The motor dislodged 3.7 L (3669 cc/223 in³) with a 3¼ in (82.5 mm) bore and 4½ in (114.3 mm) stroke.

A 4-speed manual transmission with synchromesh on third and fourth, 4-wheel leaf spring suspension, and 4-wheel servo-helped mechanical brakes were all normal with different Rolls-Royce models. The case was produced from nickel steel, and included a “twofold dropped” format to increase vertical space for the axles and therefore keep the profiles of the autos low. The solid body required no corner to corner cross-propping, and was light in correlation to the frame manufactured by its contemporary rivals, tipping the scales at 2,510 pounds (1,140 kg) in driveable structure prepared for conveyance to the client’s picked coachbuilder.

1177 3½ Liter autos were assembled, with about portion of them being bodied by Park Ward, with the rest of by different coachbuilders such as Barker, Freestone and Webb, Gurney Nutting, Hooper, Mann Egerton, Mulliner (both Arthur and H J), Rippon, Thrupp and Maberly, James Young, Vanden Plas and Windovers in England; Figoni et Falaschi, Kellner, Saoutchik and Vanvooren in Paris; and littler concerns somewhere else in UK and

Design Interior Exterior Bentley 3 ½ Litre Sports Saloon 1935

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