Design Mercedes Benz Arocs Extreme Operations Five Axles Trailing Axle Steered

Design Mercedes Benz Arocs Extreme Operations Five Axles Trailing Axle Steered – Imaginative trailing axles, pressure driven directing frameworks and back pivot assistant guiding units will be on show. The changed frame depend on standard suspension from the Mercedes Benz Arocs truck arrangement, whose scope of uses has been essentially developed by the exceedingly specific Paul transformations.

Since a unique front hub from Mercedes Benz has been introduced as a directed back hub, administration and support work can be done in approved Mercedes Benz workshops anyplace on the planet. This likewise speaks to a tremendous favorable position identifying with extra parts accessibility. Trailing hub for use as substantial obligation transporter with solid pump

Inside the setting of the Driving Experience out and about security site in Hanover-Laatzen, Daimler AG is displaying a five-hub  Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4445 K 10×4/6 that has been set up by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge for the connection of a solid pump.

Design Exterior Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4745 for Dump Truck with Five Axles and Trailing Axle Steered

An electro-using pressurized water guided 9.0-ton trailing hub has been introduced for this with a specific end goal to guarantee the essential loadcarrying  limit with regards to such overwhelming superstructures. The separation to the second back hub is 1450 mm. The actually conceivable general weight chasing after the change is 47 t and can even be expanded to a most extreme of 50 t.

Advance change work completed by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge incorporates, for instance, the movement of battery bearer, packed  air tanks and brake valves, and in addition the coordination of pivot and hub direct into the edge, in addition to the establishment of illustrative control arms for hub direct, safeguards and air suspension howls.

Design Mercedes-Benz Arocs for Extreme Operations with Five Axles and Leading Axle Steered


Trailing axle for the Mercedes-Benz Arocs (five-axle truck)
Main fields of applicati on
• Application in construction work with concrete pumps oder drilling rig superstructures
• Application in construction work with cranes up to 100 mt
• Application in construction work with working platform
• Application in construction work as 3-way tipper or dumper truck (Switzerland)

Technical data for Mercedes-Benz Arocs standa rd chassis
• Type designation: Arocs 4145 K 8×4/4 (four-axle truck)
• Design: Grounder, wheelbase: 4,850 mm
• Engine: six-cylinder in-line engine OM 471 (Euro 6), displacement: 12.8 litres
• Output: 330 kW/449 hp at 1800 rpm; max. torque: 2200 Nm at 1100 rpm
• Transmission: fully automated transmission Powershift 3 (G280-16/11.7-0.69)
• Filling capacities: diesel fuel 330 litres, AdBlue 25 litres
• Suspension: leaf-spring suspension at front and rear axle
• Technically permissible axle load: 2 x 8.0 t (front axle), 2 x 13.0 t (rear axle)
• CompactSpace cab (width 2,300 mm)
• Tires: 315/80 R 22.5 (front and rear axle)

Conversions carried out
• Type designation: Arocs 4445 K 10×4/6 (five-axle truck)
• Installation of trailing axle
• Steering system of trailing axle: electro-hydraulic
• Load capacity of trailing axle: 9.0 t
• Change of tire dimension at trailing axle: 385/65 R 22.5
• Distance to second rear axle: 1,450 mm
• Gross vehicle weight (technically possible): 47.0 t
• Axle load distribution: 8.0 / 8.0 / 13.0 / 13.0 / 9.0 tonnes
• Chassis preparation for concrete pump superstructure
• Repositioning of battery carrier, compressed air tanks, brake valves; integration of axle and axle guide
into the frame; installation of starting assistance (traction control), shock absorbers, air suspension bellows, parabolic control arms (for axle guide)
• Brakes: EBS, disc brakes controlled through tandem rear axle (identical brake pressure at tandem rear axle and trailing axle)

Design Mercedes Benz Arocs Extreme Operations Five Axles Trailing Axle Steered

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