Design Reliable Trucks New DAF CF And XF 2017

Design Reliable Trucks New DAF CF And XF 2017 – Driven by the demands of Transportation Efficiency DAF reinvents New DAF CF and XF 2017 to build new levels of excellence. New DAF CF and XF 2017 New builds an outstanding reputation from Euro trucks 6. New DAF CF and XF 2017 have all the necessary benefits, such as reliability, durability and first-class efficiency and unmatched driver comfort.

Great design is the hallmark of DAF where the new premium exterior makes New DAF CF and XF 2017 the most exciting truck on the road. And with an updated interior, drivers have an environment that makes their favorite truck better. New DAF CF and XF 2017 also contribute to excellent aerodynamics to improve transportation efficiency.

The new driver comfort level is a big part of New DAF CF and XF 2017. By adding features that make the cabin a more attractive and comfortable place to work, live and sleep. There are many new options that allow to personalize the interior for unparalleled comfort and luxury. And has introduced innovations that make driving easier, safer, and more fun than ever. New DAF CF and XF 2017 build excellent driver comfort standards where DAF trucks are renowned worldwide. They offer the largest interior space available on the market, the best and largest bed and the truly new and exciting look and feel.

Design Reliable Trucks New DAF CF And XF 2017

A completely new climate control unit stands out in the comfort and friendliness of the users. It features one-touch liquefaction, garden ventilation, park heating with timers, heat breaks and automatic air circulation and can also be operated through the rear wall control unit. That means maximum comfort for the driver. In addition, new temperatures and climate control systems are highly efficient, supporting the lowest total cost of ownership.

In New DAF CF and XF 2017 comes the redesign of interior lighting with innovative rotary switch controls. The control buttons are located in the center of the dashboard console so they are easy to reach. The driver can choose different lighting modes for various driving and rest conditions, and there is also a dimming function. For ultimate convenience, there is a switch switch on the back wall. Thanks to the electronic position of smart vehicles from individual switches can be adjusted to the driver’s personal preferences. It adds exceptional driver comfort as well as maximum vehicle efficiency. This switch also makes it easy for dealers and bodybuilders to add new functionality without the need to install an extra control panel.

Design Reliable Trucks New DAF CF 450 4×2 FT Space Cab 2017

New DAF CF and XF 2017 has warm and savory sand colors from dashboards, chairs, curtains, mattresses and sidewalls and rear walls giving the interior a superb appearance where every driver feels comfortable and at home. The ultimate luxury and comfort is the new Exclusive Path. It is distinguished by cognac-colored dashboards and door panels, as well as pretty stylish ventilation.

Chassis New DAF CF and XF 2017 with pure excellence carried in a mature thoughtful chassis. Manufactured from high quality steel, strong, stable, and lightweight. What’s more, it has a space saving feature that will please the body builder. On tractor units and some rigid, a strong and light rear axle is fitted with Stabilink construction. Light weight increases fuel and charge savings, for greater transportation efficiency. Stabilink rear axle suspension ensures optimal roll stability, higher payload and exceptional handling.

New DAF CF and XF 2017 offers an extensive Body Attachment Module (BAM) program that offers the perfect body builder friendliness. Special modules are available for box body and crane installation. Rigid has a standard hole pattern on the back for easy mounting of cross members and tail lifting. Extended Body Attachment program shortens build-up time. Chassis and components that are completely flat mounted on the inside add to the great body builder friendliness.

New DAF CF and XF 2017 offers unmatched efficiency when it comes to chassis configurations. Components can be positioned to meet your specific needs optimally for maximum efficiency. In addition, there is plenty of room for the installation of pumping systems, support of tow feet or large fuel tanks. The smart chassis layout allows the volume of the fuel tank to not less than 1,500 liters on the tractor. Variations in positioning the chassis components are almost endless for industry-leading flexibility.

For New DAF CF and XF 2017 develop a new and ultra-compact Emergency Treatment System. This results in more free space in the chassis. For special applications, the installation of DeNOx and Diesel Particulate Filters need not be separated anymore. It also contributes to the highest efficiency. The ultra-compact EAS unit means more chassis space. Weighing 50 kilograms lower directly translates into additional payload.

The suspension that is the reliability of New DAF CF and XF 2017, excellent durability and functionality, electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) has been completely updated. New functions include pressure control ratio, axle lift control 2 and belligerent pressure control. It also offers ECAS freeze and ECAS bump and freeze to stabilize the shaft when operating aids such as cranes and lift lifts. Innovative remote controls are easy to use with the lighted buttons connected to the seat. Optional new ECAS ensures more secure work while loading and unpacking. Drivers enjoy precise controls in all conditions using the handy remote

The New CF and XF 2017 are powered by multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with new power ratings. Many innovations generate more torque at lower rpm for the highest fuel efficiency. For industry-leading fuel efficiency, fully variable pumping oil, steering and cooling, new piston ring, and new piston skirt profiles all contribute to additional friction reductions. What’s more, there is the addition of new turbo chargers and new combustion systems for maximum efficiency.

New DAF CF and XF 2017 includes a series of Eco Mode options. Eco Performance Mode ensures a balance between high driving ability and best fuel efficiency. When fuel efficiency leads, Eco Fuel Mode is the best choice, with gearshift at low rotation for example.

The high-performance gearboxes of New DAF CF and XF 2017 come with the latest generation of TraXon automatic gearboxes (12 and 16 speeds). Less friction losses, even faster switching and long use of EcoRoll contribute to the lowest fuel consumption, while driver comfort is enhanced thanks to quiet, smooth operation and precise coupling actuation. TraXon’s automatic transmission also allows for a higher reduction in the lowest gear through which a faster driving line can be realized.

The high efficiency rear axle New DAF CF and XF 2017 introduces a high efficiency rear axle with low friction tips. What’s more, the faster ratio range from 2.05 allows lower engine rpm for the highest fuel efficiency. To reduce friction losses, as well as introduce a balanced axle set and add new bearings and seals in the rear axle together.

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