DeSoto Fireflite Hardtop Coupe 1960 Design Interior Exterior

DeSoto Fireflite Hardtop Coupe 1960 Design Interior Exterior – 1960 was the last full model year for the DeSoto brand, as the division was closed down not long after the presentation of the 1961 models. There were only two lines offered in 1960, the Fireflite and the Adventurer. It is to some degree entertaining that the styling comparability amidst Chryslers and DeSotos is as often as possible given as one a greater amount of the various reasons DeSoto struggled for affirmation in the business division, as the solid, yet clean listing on the DeSoto obviously parades Virgil Exner’s enthusiastic ‘fleetwing styling’ more lavishly than does the Chrysler.

A nonappearance of brand request and sturdy publicizing framework at Chrysler Corporation in the mid-to-late 1950s is without a doubt at the heart of the death of the once-happy DeSoto brand. With luxurious Dodge models and humble Chrysler models swarming the ‘mid-esteem’ DeSoto from both terminations, it was unpreventable that something would need to give.

DeSoto fixed up the front end to make it appear more broad and lower which gave it a colossal appearance out on the town. To be sure, even the engines were more noteworthy also. The Firesweep sees a 361 cu. in. V8 while the Firedome and Fireflight extended to 383 cu. inches and the Adventurer models offered a twofold four-barrel carburetor. Diverse improvements consolidate swiveling front seats, air suspension in the back, electronic haze light dimmer, push-get radiator controls and scratched housetops for more space.

DeSoto Fireflite Hardtop Coupe 1960 Design Interior Exterior

The 1956 Fireflite had a more augmented stroke, 3.80 inches, giving a 330 cubic inch dislodging. Weight extent extended to 8.5:1 and power extended to 230 hp (172 kW). It made up 27.39% of DeSoto’s arrangements in 1956.

The Fireflite’s appearance for 1957 was updated with the help of Chrysler Corporation’s head beautician, Virgil Exner. The arrangement was solid and radical with broad tail equalizations, twofold oval exhaust and triple-lens taillights. The tail sharp edges were tasteful, and also settled the auto at high speeds.

A four-front light system was optional for both the Fireflite and DeSoto Firedome models in 1957. The DeSoto Firesweep polyhead V8s were given a drag and stroke of 3.6875 in (94 mm) X 3.800 in (97 mm). for 325 cid. The two barrel V8 was assessed at 240 hp (179 kW) while the four barrel interpretation made 260 hp (194 kW). The 330 cid hemi engine was supplanted by a hemi which was 341 cid. The two barrel carburetor made 270 hp (201 kW). while the four barrel version was assessed at 295 hp (220 kW). Both engines had a 9.25:1 weight extent.

DeSoto Fireflite Hardtop Coupe 1960 Design Interior Exterior

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