Dodge 100-Series 1970 Design Exterior Interior

The Dodge 100 “Commando” trucks are 7.5–28 short tons (6.8–25.4 t) trucks worked by Dodge in Britain, principally in the 1970s and 1980s. A past Dodge 100, referred to casually as the “parrot-nose” or “Kew Dodge”, was created in the 1950s at an industrial facility in Kew, London.

The Dodge 100 was expected to utilize a Rootes diesel motor, however commotion regulations discounted the dependable yet boisterous Rootes units. At last, normally suctioned and turbocharged four-and six-barrel Perkins diesel motors (privately made in the UK) were utilized for lighter weights, with the Mercedes-Benz OM352 offered as a premium motor (because of the notoriety of Mercedes in Europe, where Perkins was generally obscure). Likewise, Valmet DSA diesels were introduced for some constrained business sector ranges. Four-, five-, and six-speed synchromesh manual transmissions from Rootes were utilized, while back axles are a blend of Rootes Groups’ own particular hypoid outline and Eaton Corporation’s single-and two-speed axles. The suspension utilize an extraordinary compound for more noteworthy quality and lighter weight. Last limit ranges from 7.5–16 short tons (6.8–14.5 t) GVW for full vehicles and 24/28 tons GCW for tractors.

The 100 Series was underway for around 15 years in many territories of the world (however not in the United States, because of the expenses that would have been included in meeting nearby regulations). It was sold as a Commer, Dodge, DeSoto, Fargo, and Renault (by Renault Trucks). An “Imprint 2” rendition has an updated motor other minor refinements. In the end the Dodge 100 was dispensed with by Renault, which had obtained the previous Rootes Group truck operations after the auto operations were bought by Peugeot, however a Renault variant of the Dodge 100 was worked for a period; by 1987, it was being advertised as basically the “Renault Commando”. Renault later exchanged creation at the previous Rootes industrial facility to Renault’s own transport and truck.

Dodge 100-Series 1970 Design Exterior Interior

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