DongFeng A9 2016 Exterior And Interior Design Elegant Sedan

DongFeng A9 2016 Exterior And Interior Design Elegant Sedan – New car DongFeng A9 2016 presented in China. The appearance of the car in many ways resembles other brands of cars, but essentially refers to the Citroen C6 platform. DongFeng when the A9 2016 some soon say that reliability leaves a lot to be desired, that designs often incorporate the features of a famous car brand. One example of the 2016 auto DongFeng A9, a glimpse of the sedan can be confused with the popular Audi A6 and Volkswagen Passat B8, both exterior and interior.

DongFeng A9 2016 Exterior And Interior Design Elegant Sedan

This similar feature not only exists in the DongFeng A9 2016 , comparing the technical specifications to the original model from which body features were taken, in China their DongFeng A9 2016 is weaker. Externally, the new DongFeng A9 2016 sedan really resembles the Audi A6, but the Volkswagen Passat B8. In contrast, these German cars inspire designers to create new sedans. It’s no secret that China’s auto industry is popular around the world with copies of famous car models. For the most part, forging an expensive model, then selling a similar copy ten times cheaper.

The front of the DongFeng A9 2016 sedan is taken from Volkswagen Passat B8. The lattice is a knife-shaped, and modern, adaptive LED oval LED. The center of the grille is occupied by the company’s emblem, made in the form of two crescents. Following the grille and optics, the front bumper completes the exterior. The middle section of the DongFeng A9 2016 bumper is occupied by an additional grille. On the side of the halogen fog lamp bumper is placed.

The hood of the new DongFeng A9 2016 is quite stylish, the curved lines of the grille to the windshield and the stern edge emphasize the style of the sedan. The side of the DongFeng A9 2016 sedan shows a sizeable dimension. The curved line from front to back optically divides the sedan into the top and bottom. In the original model, this line is located at the level of the door handle.

Side mirrors are located on the body of the DongFeng A9 2016. Starting with basic equipment, where the side mirrors with repeaters, electric drive and automatic folding system. Also in the basic configuration will include a circular review system, which certainly can not be found in the original model. The DongFeng A9 2016 glass formats appropriately repeat the Passat B8 feature, double front, and double glass at the rear. The glass contours are underlined by the chrome edges, the underside of the threshold are also decorated with chrome inserts.

By checking out the DongFeng A9 2016 sedan from behind, you can see the features of the Audi A6 and all the same Passat B8. Optical LEDs are thin and elongated divided into two parts, the part located on the boot lid, and the section on the body of the sedan. On the trunk lid, optics are separated by chrome inserts, which are not in Paasat B8. In the middle of the trunk, the company logo is placed. The DongFeng A9 2016 rear bumper is no different from its features, at the very bottom of the designer has set the exhaust tip.

The exterior design of the DongFeng A9 2016 sedan looks pretty good, the design is solid, the grille is expressive and many understand, the quality leaves a lot to be expected. In general, the body is stylish and modern, with this configuration, the dimensions of DongFeng A9 2016 are:

length of sedan – 5066 mm;
width – 1858 mm;
high – 1470 mm;
wheelbase sedan is 2900 mm;

At the heart of the DongFeng A9 2016 sedan is a platform previously known from the Citroen C6 car. This sedan release was established in Wuhan, a joint venture of Chinese and French companies. With regard to the roof of DongFeng A9 2016, starting with basic equipment will be mounted hold with electronic controls, although the hatch curtain will be operated manually.

According to the color scheme, DongFeng A9 2016 is ready to be marketed in black, silver, white, red, Dark gray, Gray and cream. Manufacturers provide individual colors, but how many of these options are yet to be determined. The new DongFeng A9 2016 sedan is equipped with 18 “alloy wheels, with 245/45 tires, full weight 1660 kg, new trunk sedan is not small enough – 501 l. The new DongFeng A9 2016 is designed for five seats.

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