Dongfeng KX 2013 Heavy Duty Truck Design

Dongfeng KX 2013 Heavy Duty Truck Design – Dongfeng KX 2013 developed for heavy duty long-distance transport. It is designed for global markets, with requirements for uptime, with fast and reliable just-in-time operations. The truck is equipped with a new powertrain and a new tested intelligent electronic system. Dongfeng KX 2013 new cabin exterior design with new cabin overall environment, and all with deep in-focus driver gear. Dongfeng KX provides efficient, fast, and clean logistics solutions for demanding customers.

Dongfeng KX with a highly reinforced cabin design meets the latest European safety standards. Test collisions meet ECE Europe and Sweden’s most demanding VVFS safety regulations. So Dongfeng KX provides strong protection for drivers and passengers.

Dongfeng KX 2013 Heavy Duty Truck Design

Dongfeng KX 2013 with high-roof double-bed cabin. With the design of all steel welded top, passive safety, body-in-white frame, collision meets European ECE safety regulation requirements. Other features owned by Dongfeng KX 2013 are electric oblique cabs, adjustable airbags in the driver’s seat, auto air conditioner, electric heating electric heater, electrically adjustable headlamps, front window cleaners and washing machines, electrically operated windows, airbags, external sun, central lock.

The strength of Dongfeng KX 2013 has a maximum output torque of 2,000 Nm. 14 forward teeth and two reverse gears. The rear extra transmission introduces planetary gears with a uniform load. Short-stroke synchronizer ensures smooth and comfortable gearshift. The Dongfeng KX 2013 has an integrated gearshift mechanism plus precise controls achieving seamless gear shifting. Rear axle axle and welded axle housing, single reduction, tandem axle rear, differential lock bogie interlocker differential locking, gear ratio 3.43, 2 X 13 ton capacity support.

Dongfeng KX 2013 Heavy Duty Truck Design

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