Efficiency of Renault Magnum Legend 2011 Classical Style

Efficiency of Renault Magnum Legend 2011 Classical StyleRenault Trucks in 2011 introduced a special limited model of the classic style of Renault Magnum Legend 2011. This model combines all the recent achievements of Renault Magnum with performance and fuel economy. Where Renault Magnum Legend 2011 in limited production only 99 units.

As a 1991 truck production, which continues to rise, Renault Magnum 2011 from Renault Trucks has become a legend. Renault Magnum Legend 2011 won the hearts of the drivers at great distances and the Renault Trucks client is not only a big cabin, a focused driver, but also appearance and quality. All these factors remain to this day very important for this vehicle. Starting from this thinking, Renault Trucks now represents the Renault Magnum Legend 2011.

The model is adorned with a design that blends matte black for a technical platform with white for the cabin. Sensors will recognize the colors of Renault Magnum AE, Renault Magnum forks, first introduced to the public in 1991. Renault’s Legum Magnum is presented in first-class performance, including aluminum ladders for driver and front passenger, and ratkape chrome and hub caps. These elements come especially because of the black body color of the body. And just as Renault Magnum AE first appeared on the door. Official serial number printed on it, which gives greater exclusivity to the vehicle.

Exclusivity Renault Magnum Legend 2011 can be found in the interior in the form of a designer environment that, through the use of noble materials, creates elegance and concretity. The drivers expect a black leather chair with the Renault Magnum Legend 2011 logo and the vehicle number. Instrument panel and inner pads are also covered with leather. The instrument panel also has a special dark black color.

Efficiency of Renault Magnum Legend 2011 Classical Style

Renault Magnum Legend 2011 has experienced in his career and shines with low consumption value. Renault Magnum Legend 2011 is not only offered with the DXi13 520 hp engine, the strongest engine of the production line, but at the same time complies with the EEV standard that currently sets the most stringent standards for flue gas.

For greater fuel savings, Renault Magnum Legend 2011 has Optidriver + and Optiroll automatic packages, with the moment of inertia of the vehicle utilized optimally. For safety, the vehicle is equipped with an excellent and fully electronic braking system, as well as a Voith hydraulic retarder.

Efficiency of Renault Magnum Legend 2011 Classical Style

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