Exterior Design Interior Design 2017 Mitsubishi XM Concept

Exterior Design Interior Design 2017 Mitsubishi XM Concept – Mitsubishi Indonesia is ready to produce a new multi purpose vehicle (MPV) in the third quarter of 2017. Through the prototype XM Concept, later this SUV SUV will be a rival for the low ranks of MPV that had already been present. Display design XM Concept is quite futuristic with a compact dimension. Front sector is made more aggressive through the concept of dynamic shield from Mitsubishi Motors, while for the impression of the SUV is shown from the stroke on the body and high ground clearance. For the interior itself, Mitsubishi ensure this car will provide a spacious space and allows to provide comfort when accommodating seven passengers.

In the interior, three rows of seats are allocated optimally to provide spacious interior space for seven passengers to sit comfortably, allowing for varied bench arrangements. Horizontal dashboard gives the impression of an MPV. Plus the center console is high and wide, contrasting black / white interior color, and silver accents emit a luxurious impression.

From the exterior, the design expresses the SUV-MPV concept is clearly visible through a sporty and neat body line with superior performance in all terrain. Appearance on the front adopted Mitsubishi Motors design concept, namely Dynamic Shield. The left and right corners of the bumper seem to flow inward to unite with the black grille that represents power and performance; Express protection provided, both for passengers and vehicles, taking into account the safety of pedestrians.

The side view is shaped by a striking fender design with a characteristic sculpture line, forming a sturdy and sporty look typical of an SUV. On the other hand, the transfer of cab points to the front extends the design line groove from the hood to the roof of the vehicle, then flows slowly to the rear of the vehicle; In addition to the D-pillar floating design expressing the free-flow look of an MPV.

Exterior Design Interior Design 2017 Mitsubishi XM Concept

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