Fashionable Dongfeng Fengon iX5 2018 SUV Coupe Model

Fashionable Dongfeng Fengon iX5 2018 SUV Coupe Model – In April 2018 Dongfeng Fengon iX5 with an SUV Coupé model was displayed at a car show and then in November 2018 began to be commercialized in China. Dongfeng Fengon iX5 2018 is a medium crossover that has five good interior seats and that adds to the style of the Coupé SUV, such as the BMW X4 or Mercedes GLC Coupé.

The exterior design of the Dongfeng Fengon iX5 2018 has a falling roof that stands out to form the famous road silhouette like a coupe. The impression of a pretty SUV looks tough by having an elegant curve.

The quality of the interior material is hidden in the standard version and inhaled modern atmosphere. Can flexibly dress up the car with better materials that are pleasing to the eye and touched, such as leather seats and dashboards.

The equipment that can be carried by the 2018 Fengon iX5 Dongfeng is abundant, but it will highlight the 360º perimeter camera system, configurable digital instrumentation, leather linings, navigators, electric sunroofs, LED headlights, automatic parking attendants, system interior lighting or keyless access and start , among others, from the latest generation.

The Dongfeng Fengon iX5 2018 engine offered for this model is gasoline, with an access version of 1.8i 16v and 139 hp which is associated with a manual gearbox and a more complicated one with a 1.5 liter cube engine, taking Turbo and providing 150 hp. For this mechanic, automatic changes can be added if desired, even though the standard is equipped manually.

Dongfeng Fengon iX5 2018

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