FAW Jinn 2005 Design Interior Exterior

Above all else, we take note of that every one of the seats in the lodge effortlessly changed over into a twofold bed, which is key amid long travel, high ground leeway makes it simple to conquer the byways, only a decent review, such as being in an aquarium, tall individuals in the auto agreeable, free, notwithstanding the way that the auto looks little all things considered, open trunk of this auto, it ought to be noted, as well, in the event that you overlay the back seats, it breaks a ton.

The slender and short Chinese man is, anything but difficult to ride around Moscow: there is no stopping issues, car influxes and the Genie Yuri separated in the hole between the machines, deserting an extravagant striking Hammer:). Obviously, the Chinese will overwhelm street Hummer, well, Ginn not careless. In any case, given that its most extreme – 137 km/h, yet more prominent than 100 did not should be scattered.

Fabricate quality is great, the motor has never let down, the unbending suspension, shaking once in a while, however in the meantime, it is powerful and dependable. By and large, exceptionally satisfied with the machine, it is perfect for the city, for my cash, it is completely advocated and analogs in the value range it doesn’t have.

Traction front wheel drive
Engine type TJ378QE
Cylinders / Valves 4/8
Compression ratio
Displacement, cm3 1100
Power net, hp 52
Torque, Nm 87
Max speed, km/h 130
0 to 100 km/h
Fuel consumption Аи92/5
Fuel capacity 37
Body style hatchback
Doors / Places 5/5
Length 3395
Width 1590
Height 1695
Track (front/rear) 1300/1280
Front suspension McPherson
Rear suspension torsion
Front brakes disc
Rear brakes drum
Ground clearance 160
Curb weight, kg 860
Gross vehicle weight 1230
Turning circle 10

FAW Jinn 2005 Design Interior Exterior

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