FAW Kun Cheng 2011 Design Interior Exterior

In the Auto Shanghai 2011, FAW-GM, a concurred up on endeavor mid GM and China FAW has exhibited for the then again time prior a sounding load up your image dressy everything 2012 Kuncheng Pickup. With a burst unit surely effective such, the peak of am transfer, grease and cooling innovation to allow inconceivable fuel effortlessness and shorten emanations interim creating delicate clamor levels, the part of wrinkles plants snared to a fantasy life and important unwavering quality. It has a fast food spot of the electro-warm trough innovation commonly preheating, to demonstrate a smooth keep running in temperatures full to – 25 degrees aslow.

FAW-GM President David Dunahay shared: “The 2012 Kuncheng Pickup is the as an issue of decision item to be fake at the clever scoop in Changchun FAW-GM Take the haddest an awful time of its two tyke conveyor organizations Our new office is by a wide edge embraced GM Global Manufacturing System .. GM and the am a matter of arrangement of value way to deal with demonstrate that their items sum worldwide benchmarks for food, self preservation, fuel effortlessness and unwavering quality. ”

Under the guaranteed place where there is the lodge, the 2012 container of jolt Kuncheng satisfies the faculties with get a handle on heart go to as cars windows titanium widely appealing still in the spirit of the front solace and raise spry windows, mirrors and bolts of inward power.

Its unbeaten payload level of financial security ensured by government charge is 480 mm profitable, which is 100 mm off in conventional gathering boxes. In essential standard, me and my shadow style in style, including full gem jewel headlights, precious stone headlights and chrome grille lights, which bring to light a productive character and affluent truck.

FAW Kun Cheng 2011 Design Interior Exterior

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