Ferrari 125 Formula 1948 Design Interior Exterior

The 125 F1 utilized a supercharged 1.5 L V12 motor and brandished a steel tube-outline undercarriage with longitudinal and cross members. It had a twofold wishbone suspension with a transverse leaf spring in front and a torsion bar in the back which was moved up to a de Dion tube for 1950. Worm and division guiding and four-wheel drum brakes were the standard for the time. The 2160 mm (85 in) wheelbase was uprated to 2320 mm (91 in) in the 1949 upgrade. The case and transmission outline was by Valerio Colotti.

For 1949, the motor was further changed with double overhead camshafts however still two valves for each barrel and a two-phase supercharger. This mix gave the auto better top-end execution and the subsequent 280 hp (209 kW) gave it five Grand Prix wins. Improvement proceeded with the next year, yet the tricky superchargers were dropped for bigger removal and Lampredi’s 275 motor superseded the first Colombo motor.

Unique body have been lost (utilized for Ferrari 275), yet a definite reproduction with the first Colombo motor as of now dwells in Museo Ferrari in Maranello nearby fresher Ferrari F1 machines.

As in 1948, the AIACR selected the Grands Prix of Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Italy as Grandes Épreuves, the remainder of these being given the title European Grand Prix. After the somewhat strange withdrawal of Alfa Corse, the Ferraris were the fastest autos of 1949, with Alberto Ascari winning at Bremgarten and at Monza, yet Juan Manuel Fangio won five of the lesser Grands Prix in his Maserati 4CLT. Louis Chiron took an amazement win in his Lago-Talbot at the French GP after Luigi Villoresi’s Ferrari and Fangio’s Maserati both resigned. It was the second time that season Villoresi had begun from shaft and resigned – he’d endured the same destiny at Silverstone in a Scuderia Ambrosiana Maserati.

The main other marque to win in F1 in 1949 was ERA, Bob Gerard taking the freshest of the B-Types, R14B, to triumph on Jersey and on the Isle of Man and in addition second place in the British GP.

Ferrari 125 Formula 1948 Design Interior Exterior

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