Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 Family Sport Car Design

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 Family Sport Car Design – Ferrari also broke the tradition of grand V12 tourer in 2011 by launching the FF model to replace the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Called breaking down, because FF comes with a number of elements that will not be imagined and done by the founder of Enzo Ferrari. Most noticeable, the presence of the rear cabin is more relieved, shaped body shake nan practical shape and four-wheel drive system. And all of them, without sacrificing the performance and the ability to ride the vehicle characteristic of the Horse logo.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 comes with a body shooting brake concept. Namely a combination of station wagon and coupe. In principle, adopt the basic idea similar to Ferrari FF, but given a new face and improvements in driving support technology support. Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 has a similar face identity other Ferrari models. It has the headlamps extending down with a little “L” accent on the end. Through the headlights and sharper body elements that we can distinguish Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 with its predecessor.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 Family Sport Car Design

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 from the front looks how the silhouettes form a long nose grand tourer style, up to the windshield should the sportscar profile of the front engine to then “fall” almost vertical on the C-pillar. From the side can distinguish it with FF through the presence of a finned hole on the front fender. And on the exterior of the rear, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 has a distinctive modern Prancing Horse in the form of a pair of round lights, unlike the Ferrari FF that has one light. The presence of the diffuser at the bottom and a pair of dual exhaust pipes indicate that this is a true Ferrari.

Although a Ferrari for the family, sportscar accents are not necessarily removed in the cabin. Forget the back seat, it will feel the same atmosphere as entering Ferrari F12berlinetta or even LaFerrari. All elements of the cabin wrapped god-quality material. This matches the name in Italian, lusso means luxury.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 presents the concept of Dual Cockpit makes passengers are also able to enjoy and interact with the atmosphere, information and even control around the cabin. Decades of experience competing on the circuit make Ferrari aware how important it is to concentrate all control on the wheel. Almost all access to car features is done via the steering wheel. Includes setting up the driving model on the famous Manettino nan. The concept of “Ferrari for the family” is evidenced by the 2014 Ferrari GTC4Lusso by presenting a pair of rear seats that can actually be loaded adults. Not a 2+2 standard banquet commonly presented sportscar cars.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 Family Sport Car Design

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 is the first “horse” origin Maranello with features steering and four-wheel drive 4RM-S. It is an evolution of a Slip Side Control system that has a differential electronics to ensure the car stays on its course when cornering at high speed in a sane field though. There is also the latest generation of SCM-E suspension that ensures equivalent supercar control without sacrificing comfort.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 with 690hp V12 engine powered, is the fastest four-speed berpenumpang car on earth. Maximum power is achieved at 8,000 rpm, while a giant torque of 697 Nm is available at 5,750 rpm. 6.262 cc engine capacity is capable of melesatkan Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016 weighing 1790 kg from rest to 100 km/h as fast as 3.4 seconds only. And reached a top speed of 335 km/h.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016

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