Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 Versatile Van Cars

Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 Versatile Van Cars – From a design standpoint, Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 is compact and proportional. The front stretching windshield connect neatly to the short hood and the overall effect creates something much better than the old Scudo model. The grille is designed to wrap around the headlamps and the boxed backs allow sufficient inner space and high load capacity, while giving Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 a broader stance.

Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 Versatile Van Cars

Interior Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 has a comfortable ergonomic-shaped seat and storage space inside the cabin with a capacity of 90 liters provided in various shapes and sizes. Mirror spot-mitigating ViewPlus interior, innovative folding center chair with detachable clipboard holder and smartphone / tablet holder available. An advantage that Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 offers over the smaller Doblo Cargo model of the Fiat is the standard fit of the precisely sized 3rd middle seat. To free up space for this and make it easier for the driver to glide over the passenger side of the cab, the gear lever has been mounted on the protruding mold in the center of the dashboard. The third seat is useful to have and is sufficient for friends on short trips or children.

Combined with a large front overhang, initially can make parking a bit tricky, although the rear sight is greatly assisted by large door mirrors with wide angular reflectors apart. Under the hood, Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 gets a range of efficient 1.6-liter turbo and turbo diesel diesel engines, all equipped with a standard six-speed manual gearbox.

There is a choice of two engine design themes, a single-turbo MultiJet unit or a more efficient yet pricier Ecojet power plant. The MultiJet model has 95 or 120bhp. and the Ecojet Option comes in the form of 95, 125 and 145bhp.

Overall, there are nine Talento body styles to choose from – standard and high-roof vans in short and long wheelbase versions, short and long-wheelbase carriages and crew vans and platform platforms. Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018’s innovative features include a ‘CargoPlus’ storage area under the passenger seat that allows professionals to carry objects up to 3.75m long by sliding them into a special opening screen.

The Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 rear door can open up to a 255 degree wide angle, allowing easy access and use of loading space. The sliding side door has a 1.030mm aperture and the load edge is only 100mm above the ground. Volume load rated at 5.2m in a short wheelbase model, 6m in a long wheelbase version and a generous 8.6m  in long wheelbase high roof derivatives.

This means that Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018 is in short wheelbase trim level, capable of carrying three Euro palettes and, depending on version, payload up to 1,249 kg with GVW up to 3.060kg. Active for operational costs. Thanks to Selective Catalytic Reduction technology and the use of AdBlue additives, the various 1.6-liter Talento diesel engines are much more efficient than those on previous Scudo models.

Fiat Talento Sportivo 2018

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