Fiat Uno 3-door 1989 Design Interior Exterior

The second era of the Uno was discharged in 1989 as a noteworthy facelift of the 1983 with another body that had an even lower drag coefficient. The 1.1 liter motor was supplanted by a FIRE (Fully Integrated Robotised Engine) unit. There was likewise a Turbo variant, a 1.4 unit along a normally suctioned 1.3 motor. The auto was pulled structure the business sector in 1994, at which time, 6,032,911 autos a had been created.

In the first place appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1989, the Uno got a careful facelift to keep it aggressive with more up to date plans like the new Ford Fiesta and Citroen AX, and Renault’s anticipated new Clio. The bodywork at the nose was upgraded and an alternate rear end was fitted, enhancing the drag coefficient to Cd 0.30,[8] and coordinating the corporate look of the then new Fiat Tipo. The inside was additionally reconsidered. The case switchgear was supplanted by stalks and an exertion was made to stop the dashboard rattles of the Mark I.

As of now, the old 1.1 liter motor was supplanted by another FIRE adaptation, and another Fiat Tipo-inferred 1.4 liter (1,372 cc) motor supplanted the Ritmo/Strada-determined 1.3 liter in both normally suctioned and turbo renditions. A 1.4 liter Uno Turbo could come to an asserted 204 km/h (127 mph),[9] while the 1.0 form just oversaw 140–145 km/h (87–90 mph) contingent upon which transmission was fitted.

body type 4/5 seater hatchback
number of doors 3
mm inches
wheelbase 2362 93
track/tread (front) 1345 53
track/tread (rear) 1300 51.2
length 3690 145.3
width 1562 61.5
height 1405 55.3
length:wheelbase ratio 1.56
kerb weight 770 kg 1698 lb
fuel tank capacity 42 litres 9.2 UK Gal 11.1 US Gal
drag coefficient 0.3
engine type naturally aspirated petrol
engine manufacturer Fiat
engine code 156 A.2.246
cylinders Straight 4
capacity 1 litre
999 cc
(60.963 cu in)
bore × stroke 70 × 64.9 mm
2.76 × 2.56 in
bore/stroke ratio 1.08
single overhead camshaft (SOHC)
2 valves per cylinder
8 valves in total
maximum power output
45.6 PS (45 bhp) (33.6 kW)
at 5250 rpm
specific output
45 bhp/litre
0.74 bhp/cu in
maximum torque
75 Nm (55 ft·lb) (7.6 kgm)
at 3250 rpm
specific torque
75.08 Nm/litre
0.91 ft·lb/cu3
sump wet sumped
compression ratio 9:1
fuel system EFI
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 943.4 kPa (136.8 psi)
crankshaft bearings 5
engine coolant Water
unitary capacity 249.75 cc
aspiration Normal
compressor N/A
intercooler None
catalytic converter Y
acceleration 0-100km/h 17.7 s
acceleration 0-160km/h (100mph) -1.00 s
maximum speed 145 km/h (90 mph)
power-to-weight ratio 59.25 PS/g
43.58 kW/g
58.44 bhp/ton
0.03 bhp/lb
weight-to-power ratio 22.95 kg/kW
38.33 lb/bhp
engine position front
engine layout transverse
drive wheels front wheel drive
torque split N/A
front suspension I.MS.ARB.
rear suspension SI.TB.TA.CS.
wheel size front 4½J x 13
wheel size rear 4½J x 13
tyres front 135 SR 13
tyres rear 135 SR 13
brakes f/r Di/Dr
front brake diameter 227 mm
gearbox 5 speed manual
top gear ratio 0.78
final drive ratio 3.73

Fiat Uno 3-door 1989 Design Interior Exterior

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