Fisker Atlantic Concept 2012 Design Interior Exterior Car

Fisker Automotive is fulfilled to uncover its all new model, the Atlantic. This is the latest model in the association’s developing line up of opened up degree lavishness electric cars.

Revealed as a design model at an extraordinary VIP survey event the night before the 2012 New York Auto Show press days begin, the Fisker Atlantic plot model is an indulgence four-gateway wielding vehicle with a practical inside. It is away for young families who need to drive an impactful, top notch vehicle while advancing a positive expression about commitments both to the extent their devotion to supportability and the things of sound judgment of customary life.

The Atlantic plan model’s glass housetop displays a wrinkled “8-legged creature” structure. This phenomenally strong improvement in like manner allows the Atlantic to offer an astounding measure of back headroom for an auto with its smooth, auto, for example, position. This front line approach fulfills and surpasses all present and future rollover security and crash-test necessities around the globe. The Fisker Atlantic’s long wheelbase moreover oversees extra legroom for back explorers and more space in the capacity compartment.

The intriguing, invigorating styling of the Atlantic holds and advances Fisker’s imprint diagram DNA. Henrik Fisker and his design bunch set out to make the most fantastic and enthusiastic vehicle in its class. A critical part of the arrangement was propelled by nature, for occasion, the dynamic side subject, with strong sculptural lines that optically cross the back wheels of the auto. This gives a sentiment power emulating the position of a wild tiger arranged to bounce.

Further essential setup purposes of enthusiasm to note consolidate a headway of the Fisker Karma signature grille, with a more broad shaped line describing the power vault on the hood. Strong wrinkles ascend out of inside of the headlamps and continue back over the hood to extend the auto. The sharp headlights themselves give a ‘bird of prey eye’ with a nature of strong character not seen on a creation auto some time as of late. These touches license the Atlantic to make a more noticeable back point of view mirror region than some other vehicle in its class.

Likewise, the back portal handles have been lavishly consolidated in the back C-segments, to continue with the sense and look of a wielding auto without losing the sound judgment of a four-door auto. The to an extraordinary degree meager LED tail lights use the latest advancement allowing them to part into two areas to offer a more broad crevice for the capacity compartment opening. The rear of the auto is impeccable and proficiently framed, with a sharp spoiler lip on the capacity compartment that continues running down over the side of the auto to redesign streamlined execution.

Fisker Atlantic Concept 2012 Design Interior Exterior Car

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