Ford Galaxy 2006 Good All-Round Visibility Design

Ford Galaxy 2006 Good All-Round Visibility Design – MPV with models that are suitable as family cars such as VW Sharan or with the Seat Alhambra. The Ford Galaxy 2006, which has an adequate level of equipment, has coolers, good safety and lots of safety equipment. It’s easy to navigate through narrow streets, with good steering and the right gearchange. Good visibility is all round. This trip is very flexible. Ford Galaxy 2006 with a seating capacity of 7 with enough baggage on the back with comfortable seat quality that can be seeded. Driving position with all-round visibility, even in full-capacity Ford Galaxy. The natural driving position of the Ford Galaxy 2006 with a clear view of the instrument and easy access to all controls. The Ford Galaxy 2006 has a steering wheel for range and harrow. Many engine choices for Ford Galaxy 2006, there are five engines to choose from and all but one of them comes from Volkswagen. The only engine from Ford for 2.3 liters for gasoline is the best engine. For the Ford Galaxy 2006 diesel version with a TDI 115 or 130bhp engine. All models are equipped with a VW six-speed gearbox, except 2.3 Ford engines. All Ford Galaxy 2006 engines were refined, even though the TDI needed 10 or 15 minutes to warm up. Ford Galaxy 2006

Shelby AC Cobra 1966 Rare Racing Design

Shelby AC Cobra 1966 Rare Racing Design – Of all the Cobra variants built from the Shelby competition production line as a race car design. Where the Cobra Story began as early as 1959 when Carol Shelby raced for Aston Martin, won 24 Hours of Le Mans. With the help of Ford and AC Cars, the team at Shelby American modified the design of the existing AC chassis to accommodate large block engines. The finished design is called a marked chassis III produced with a larger and wider spaced chassis rail. Shelby AC Cobra 1966 with engine weight, brakes and suspension also improved. This body has a prominent wheel arch for wider wheels and magnesium tires. Competition features include oil coolers, side exhausts, large fuel fillers, 42 gallon fuel tanks, front support points and roll bars. On the road, Shelby AC Cobra 1966 was a radical machine. Editor of Jerry Titus’s Sport Car Graphic magazine reached 0-100 mph in 13.2 seconds. By comparison, the closest Aston Martin that day could barely afford less than twenty seconds. Due to very limited production, the original 1966 Shelby AC Cobra is a rare sight. Only Shelby’s personal Super Snake is faster, using a twin turbocharger to offer 800 bhp. Shelby AC Cobra 1966 Rare Racing Design

Ford T-Bird 1956 Sturdy Slender Unique Design

Ford T-Bird 1956 Sturdy Slender Unique Design – Ford may be inspired by European sports cars, but the Ford Thunderbird ends with a convertible Boulevardier all-American designed for comfort and smoothness, strong straight-line performance. That “Little Bird” is like most American cars in 1956 as an “instant classic” vehicle but adorable is one reason so many people survive the 1956 Ford T-Bird today. The 1956 Ford T-Bird with its sturdy steel body and amenities such as rolling windows is another interesting T-Bird goodness. As proof, the ’55 debut outperformed Chevrolet’s fiberglass Corvette. The 1956 Ford T-Bird was very similar to the 1955 production, but the standard “continental” spare tires opened up required luggage space, front-fender ventilator doors increased the cockpit’s comfort, and available lifttop acquired windows of “window shutters” that helped visibility. The 1956 Ford T-Bird also offers more power, courtesy of the new 312-cubic-inch V-8 packing 215 horsepower with optional stick-overdrive or 225 with Fordomatic self-shift. The previous year 292 was continued with a standard three-speed manual, but increased to 202 bhp. Ford T-Bird 1956 Handling a step backward, as springs and shocks soften, but still provide comfort. Ford T-Bird 1956