Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 Ergonomic Dynamic Truck Design

Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 Ergonomic Dynamic Truck Design – After enlivening it in the truck market with its Cargo family, Ford presented a new cabin design and took into account the interests of the transporters of companies requiring reliable freight transport, Ford launched the Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 in 2011. Ford Cargo 1932 retained powertrain, mid-range Cummins ISC 315, 320hp, and Eaton 12-speed mechanical gearbox. The engine does not leave the green line rotation, Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 is between 1,200 and 2,000 rpm. This produces fuel economy, because in tests that take 211.4 km, trucks spend 52.83 liters, or 4 km/l.

Ford Motor Company Brasil ltda Novo Ford Cargo 1932 Março/2011

Interior Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 with the quality of material used is pretty cool. Ford Cargo 1932 with comfort felt thanks to cabin suspension, this makes the truck softer. The new suspension consists of four shock absorbers, two front and two rear, and produces fewer truck impacts from the road swing. The panel is gaining a more modern design and accepts collaborative environment-friendly materials to reduce internal noise and vibration levels, in addition to minimizing the effects of sunlight, leaving less-damped indoor environments.

With the concept of “Life on Board” where the convenience of the riders while in the Ford Cargo 1932 truck. So special attention given to the panel, which is more ergonomic, with the control closest to the driver, the environment has included more objects, including cup holders , bottles and space to place documents between seats. In this concept, Ford has improved some items, such as standard windows and optional locks.

Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 Ergonomic Dynamic Truck Design

The exterior design is prominent, so much so that in this assessment the “face” draws attention on the road. Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 in addition to having aesthetic value, Ford Cargo 1932 also get details that make it more aerodynamic. Visibility is also considered in this project, as there is a large glass area. Two baffles combine the visual effects of movement and help create airflow on the side of the cabin, which, in addition to aerodynamic work, Ford says helps keep the door clean. The stairs allow easy access, and the driver is supported by two handles positioned next to the door.

Ford Cargo 1932 4×2 2011 Ergonomic Dynamic Truck Design

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