Ford Glasspar Custom Roadster 1951 Design Interior Exterior

Est.175 bhp, 239 cu. In. L-head V8 Ford engine, triple carburetors, 3-velocity guide transmission, transverse leaf spring front and semi-elliptic rear suspension. The post-WWII “sporty vehicle” scene in the united states changed into a time of extremely good enthusiasm and a fertile ground for imaginitive, proficient designers who sought to take advantage of the brand new marketplace for lithe, responsive alternatives to the massive cars became out with the aid of Detroit. It became a time before the division among “sports motors”, “customs” and “hot rods”.

This case turned into tailor-made for proficient marketers along with Southern California’s bill Tritt. Starting a organisation called Glasspar in 1950 with  companions, he changed into a pioneer inside the use of fiberglass for vehicle body production years before Chevrolet’s Corvette regarded at the scene. The auto he designed and constructed was as glossy and sexy as a Jaguar XK120, while boasting light weight and occasional acquisition fee for the custom sports automobile builder. The most popular powerplant for those our bodies was the rodder’s favorite, the Ford and Mercury flathead V8. With a vast array of tuning parts available, it become particularly clean to construct a vehicle that went as well as it appeared. Those smart roadsters became a fave of the Hollywood set, and no less than Humphrey Bogart and Gary Cooper have been stated to were owners. The Glasspar roadster became featured in lots of car guides of the length, along with avenue and music, Motorsport and Motor fashion.

This particular example is powered with the aid of a Ford flathead V8 with triple carburetors. The engine boasts finned Offenhauser aluminum heads and a refined aluminum intake manifold. The interior is simple and smooth in the great SoCal culture, with horizontally rolled white leather seats and a central device panel with the unique Stewart Warner gauges. Given the challenges of early fiberglass creation, the body is remarkably smooth with high gloss black paint, which is nicely activate by the minimal chrome trim at the grill, wheels, windshield helps and front and rear “nerf bar” bumpers.

In view that its acquisition by using the present day owner in 2007 it has had a music-up, servicing and brake rebuild. With the steady rise in interest in the postwar California automobile scene, this trendsetting car might make a fantastic addition to any series of sports or custom-bodied cars.

Ford Glasspar Custom Roadster 1951 Design Interior Exterior

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