Foton AUV Design Interior Exterior Bus

Foton AUV Design Interior Exterior Bus – Foton AUV is a type of vehicle mass transit bus looks very nice body. This vehicle production in the beginning of 2000 to about 2009. As bus operators are quite reliable Photon widely used in various countries around the world, with different names there Foton AUV New Directions, Foton AUV panoramic Unlimited, and Foton AUV Pioneer Europe.

Series big passenger bus is the best choice for tourism. Market localization: take the medium and top grade products as the focus; mainly satisfy traveling and large-scale units. The chassis efficiency ensures the best match performance to price. High efficiency diesel engine with optimum seeking domestic assemblies, matching reasonably. Environmentally friendly and multiple leaf springs available. Air-suspension with 6 air bags and the pole for transverse stability, further promotes smooth running. Power steering and automatic clearance-adjusting shank. Retarder and ABS. 310L large oil tank capability.

Foton AUV Design Interior Exterior Bus

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