Gaz Ataman 1996 Design Interior Exterior Pick Up

Gaz Ataman 1996 Design Interior Exterior Pick Up – The first prototype “Ataman” was presented at the end of 1996. Despite significant improvements of construction and design, its appearance is slightly threw into confusion. The fact that many elements of the truck simply disproportionate. In General large dimensions, it has a very small lights, protective arc and the grille. If we add to this just a huge windshield, front pickup looks at least strange. This can be verified on the basis of gas ataman of the photo.

The advantages of  the Ataman too sufficed. First, he had unusually large for Russian vehicles, ground clearance, coupled with powerful buses, size 225/75 R16. Only these small details allow the truck to a great feeling themselves on the roads. But designers GAS not going to dwell on these two upgrades. «Ataman» became one of the first domestic cars with four-wheel drive transmission.

In addition, many motorists will find Ataman attractive from the point of view of design. They noted that the car had a very aggressive, which is unusual for Russian machines appearance. That attracted them in the model.

Gaz Ataman 1996 Design Interior Exterior Pick Up

Pickup GAZ 2308 ataman had the length of the body 5030 mm Width auto amounted to 1870 mm, at the height of 2070 mm Distance between front and rear wheel axles equal 3100 mm Clearance Ataman, which was already mentioned earlier, had a full size 215 mm, which ensured the maximum angle of entry 46°. Mass of the vehicle in full gear was equal to 1800 kg and the volume of the fuel tank was 70 HP

«Ataman” was wearing engine carburetor type ZMZ-4101.10. The same subsequently installed on some modifications of  the Volga river’. This engine has 4 working cylinder. Torque of the unit is 225 Nm. It has a maximum capacity of 105 PS and allows for nearly 2-тонному “Ataman» accelerate to 100 km/h for 25 seconds. Together with this engine in the design of a pickup truck we used a specially designed transmission. She worked in the permanent all-wheel drive mode, and included a five-speed gearbox.

Gaz Ataman 1996 Design Interior Exterior Pick Up

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