Frazer Nash-BMW 319-1 Sport 1935 Design Interior Exterior Car

Frazer Nash-BMW 319-1 Sport 1935 Design Interior Exterior CarBMW Frazer Nashes have 55 hp, 1,911 cc OHC six-barrel, three Solex carburetors, four-rate manual gearbox, free front suspension by swing center point and transverse leaf spring, live back turn and semi-elliptic springs, four-wheel weight driven drum brakes. Wheelbase 94″.

In 1934, the three Aldington kin were building Frazer Nash chain-driven diversions cars in Isleworth in West London. They’d expected control over the association from Archie Frazer Nash and H.R. Godfrey, who’d begun in 1910 by making cycle automobiles and framed them into amusements cars in the 1920s. Yet, arrangements were declining, and the last chain-driven cars would be sold in 1939.

In the midst of European restores in which Frazer Nashes battled, the kin were so awed by the BMW 315’s execution in the Alpine trials that they composed to import the model and offer it as a Frazer Nash-BMW in the UK. Associations amidst England and the Third Reich were by then delicate by this point, and it was felt that renaming the auto might enable them to offer it. What truly sold it, clearly, was its execution.

The 315 roadster was arranged by Peter Szymanowski, who got the chance to be BMW Chief of Design after World War II. It created from 1,490 cc at its presentation at the 1935 Frankfurt Auto show into the 1,911-cc model 319, which gloated a top rate of 81 mph, because of its three Solex carburetors, and 55 bhp. A complete assortment was the wonderful 328 roadster, whose engine was to be used as a piece of Bristol cars after World War II besides in the fastest types of the AC Ace.

Frazer Nash-BMW 319-1 Sport 1935 Design Interior Exterior Car

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