Freightliner Columbia 2000 Use Flexible Resilient

Freightliner Columbia 2000 Use Flexible Resilient – Freightliner Columbia 2000 is a medium-duty truck designed for short or regional transportation. This vehicle has a very versatile character and can handle a variety of mid-duty jobs. Designed for short-haul construction or hauling applications, Freightliner Columbia 2000 offers lightweight weight and ideal axle positioning, available in 6×4, 8×4 and 10×4 configurations for construction work, and 4×2 or 6×4 for distribution work. In addition, there is an option for Midday or Midnight 34 inch Cab.

Freightliner Columbia  comes with a conventional cabin configuration that sets the basis for aerodynamic design. Freightliner Columbia 2000 design gives maximum attention to aerodynamics; then the truck receives a fairly slippery shape with a clean surface and curved lines.

lightweight aluminum cabins that are owned by Freightliner Columbia because in addition to being light also can not be attacked by rust. The front grille features a general Freightliner Columbia 2000 design with shiny and thin horizontal stripes. The main lights have vague petal shapes but they fail to gel properly with the whole body and they look rather out of place.

Freightliner Columbia CL112 8×4 2000

The Freightliner Columbia cover wrap is as rugged as it can be and solid construction features are ready to go head to head with harsh working conditions. It is also made of free pieces that make it easy and inexpensive to replace. To increase visibility forward, the Freightliner Columbia hood was slightly scratched, while the windshield was also large enough to offer a wide viewing angle.

Freightliner Columbia 2000 interior parts with a fairly spacious cabin and a common curved dash that can be found in most trucks today. However, even though we liked the overall ergonomics and the driver-friendly interior. Control is placed in an easy range, but we found that the dashboard is a bit messy and misleading.

Chairs are available in various versions including Freightliner EzyRider and other quality brands. In addition to comfortable seats, the steering wheel is also quite ergonomic and is available with optional tilt and telescoping adjustments that are operated by the foot. Clear instrument clusters that are arranged intuitively and display large analog gauges with LED lights for easy reading.

Freightliner Columbia Day Cab 2000

Freightliner Columbia 2000 is equipped with an 8 liter Euro II engine from Cummins ISLe5 which provides maximum output of up to 400 hp and 1,254 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the powerful engine and solid chassis, Freightliner Columbia can be rated to 40,000 kg Gross Combination Mass. A giant 1300-inch radiator ensures a close fan to clean the curtains for maximum cooling efficiency. In addition to a powerful engine, Freightliner Columbia 2000 is equipped with compression brakes that are capable of up to 250bhp and the engine behind Power Take Off, (PTO) for maximum functionality.

Freightliner Columbia 2000

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