Freightliner Inspiration 2015 Elegant Design Advanced Technology

Freightliner Inspiration 2015 Elegant Design Advanced Technology – Freightliner Inspiration 2015 puts the look of Semi Truck on steroids. Its sleek design helps reduce wind resistance while adding a lot of detail to the design of forward thinking that looks aerodynamic. The sloping front has a low bumper, with narrow grating openings and integrated headlights. At the bottom of Freightliner Inspiration 2015 adds a long cover over the fuel tank and rear wheels in an effort to reduce aerodynamic drag. Freightliner Inspiration 2015 with an outdoor truck design with the addition of light. During driving autonomous LEDs on the side plate and indicator, also between the blades of the blue light grille. During conventional driving, they glow white and yellow.

Freightliner Inspiration 2015 Elegant Design Advanced Technology

The interior of Freightliner Inspiration 2015, looks magnificent more than a commercial truck. Hardwood planks cover the temporary white floor with lots of French stitching lines including chairs, dashboards and rear beds. Freightliner Inspiration 2015 with spacious cabins offers plenty of storage space and space to get comfort between transports. Freightliner Inspiration 2015 displays fully digital measuring clusters. The screen will change appearance and color when the Highway Pilot mode is active, letting the driver monitor the trip. Large virtual mirror display attached to the A-pillar. The screen shows several camera angles from around the truck. Also on the driver’s fingertips is a tablet PC that is detached from the dashboard.

A great feature where inside the gap between the bumper and grille is a radar unit. The radar on Freightliner Inspiration 2015 monitors the road ahead with two sets of sensors: one long distance and one short distance. The remote sensor monitors 820 feet of traffic in a narrow 18-degreen field while the close-range sensor monitors 230 feet in front of the truck in a wider field of view 130 degrees. This radar system is very similar to that found in the standard Freightliner Cascadia Evolution production.

Freightliner Inspiration 2015 Elegant Design Advanced Technology

Freightliner Inspiration 2015 is based on the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution standard. With a DD15 Detroit Diesel engine, a six-cylinder turbodiesel that replaces a large 14.8 liters produces 505 horsepower and 1,750 pound-feet of torque. The engine uses Mercedes BlueTec’s maintenance system to keep exhaust emissions down. Jake’s brakes help bring things to a relatively fast stop. Optional Detroit DT12 Automatic Transmission that has 12 forward speeds. This transmission has the traditional internal work features of a manual transmission, but the clutch lever and shift are computer controlled to encourage easy driving and increase efficiency.

Freightliner Inspiration 2015

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