GAZ 12 ZIM 1950 Design Interior Exterior Car

GAZ started the outline process for what turned into the M12 in May 1948, when the Soviet government asked for a six-traveler vehicle for the corner between the ZIS-110 and the Pobeda, with a due date of twenty-nine months to deliver it. Given a decision between replicating an American item (a Buick) or adding to a totally new model, head fashioner Andrei Lipgart picked the last mentioned, in spite of abnormal state support for essentially identification building a Buick.

The M12 utilized a stretched Pobeda monocoque skeleton (with a 3,200 mm (130 in) wheelbase), and about a large portion of the drivetrain parts of the GAZ-51 and – 63 trucks, or the littler Pobeda, including the 3,485 cc (212.7 cu in) inline six motor (creating 95 hp (71 kW; 96 PS), instead of the 70 hp (52 kW; 71 PS) in the truck), and the transmission.[3] The ZIM’s pressure proportion was expanded to 6.7:1, yet it was still ready to utilize the 70 octane petrol (fuel) regular in the Soviet Union; this, in addition to an enhanced admission complex and twin-stifle (two-barrel) carburetor, was in charge of the expanded force. The front suspension was by loop springs, with leaf springs at the back, and water powered safeguards. It had drum brakes at all four corners. Regardless of lacking force guiding, the 18.2:1 proportion controlling box made turning genuinely simple. It offered a standard three-band AM radio, during an era when radios were not standard on most American autos, even the most costly ones.

The auto weighed 1,940 kg (4,280 lb), was equipped for getting 19 L/100 km (12 mpg-US; 15 mpg-devil), of achieving 78 mph (126 km/h), and of quickening 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in 37 seconds.[3] It had one bizarre component: the back tread (track), at 1,560 mm (61 in), was more extensive than the front by 100 mm (3.9 in), to guarantee the back seat would oblige three travelers. The outcome was an Oldsmobile-like “lump”. It was likewise the main GAZ to highlight the jumping deer hood decorat

GAZ 12 ZIM 1950 Design Interior Exterior Car

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