Gaz 61-73 1941 Design Interior Exterior Car

Among the excruciating encounters of the Russo-Finnish winter war of 1939-1940 was the way that the Red armed force was inadequate with regards to a vehicle fit for managing closed winter streets. This uncovered the sharp requirement for a straightforward, however solid and portable traveler crosscountry vehicle for overhauling the normal official body of the Red Army, staff obligation, furthermore for the surveillance, association obligations and the towing of light firearms.

As a fast stopgap the current GAZ-11-40 4×2 phaeton was updated with a determined front-hub prompting the trademark high structure, bringing about the new. As a phaeton clearly isn’t the auto of decision for the furious Russian atmosphere, the same change was connected to the GAZ-11-73 vehicle, giving the GAZ-61-73 appeared here.

The outcomes were a moment accomplishment as can be seen by the way that some surely understood Red Army leaders picked the GAZ-61 as their charge auto, among them Voroshilov, Shukov, Rokossovskiy and above all Konyev whose specimen is still protected today.

The last utilized the GAZ-61 from August 1941 all through the war, and it is said that he was constantly trailed by a shielded Bantam BRC 40. On the whole, just 181 GAZ-61-73 were worked by GAZ as the Model 61 was soon superceeded by two better improvement, the GAZ-64 and GAZ-67

4WD (four-wheel drive, 4×4), manual 4-speed gearbox, petrol (gas) motor with relocation 3485 cm3/212.9 cui, promoted power: 62.5 kW/84 hp/85 PS ( gross ), Torque net: 211 Nm/156 lb-ft. trademark measurements outside length 4800 mm/189 in, wheelbase 2845 mm/112 in. Evaluated check weight: 1800 kg/3970 lbs. Top pace: 105 km/h (65 mph) (proclaimed by manufacturing plant), increasing velocities: 0-60 mph 31 s; 0-100 km/h 35.4 s (a-c recreation); 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 23.9 s.

Gaz 61-73 1941 Design Interior Exterior Car

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