Gaz Chaika M13 Design Interior Exterior Car 1959

The Gaz Chaika M13 was fueled by a 195 strength (145 kW) 5.5 liter V8 driven through a push-catch programmed transmission of a comparable outline to the Chrysler TorqueFlite unit. As a limousine-class auto, Chaikas were accessible just to the Soviet government, and couldn’t be obtained by the normal Soviet subject. For their bigger size and all the more effective V8, Chaikas were additionally requested in some amount by the KGB. Nikita Khrushchev, albeit qualified for a ZIL, was known not Chaikas, and kept a M13 at his mid year dacha.

By 1977 the first Chaika configuration was, even by Soviet norms, well past due for an update. Obviously the mechanical segments were to be held, however GAZ required a totally new bodyshell. The originators (under V. Nosakoff, head of the GAZ overwhelming autos area) had created their own particular variant of the ZlL, less the glass segment. The seven-seater body was eight crawls longer than the model it supplanted, and 14.5 in. longer than a Daimler limousine. Both the Gaz Chaika M13 and Gaz Chaika M14 make covered for quite a while.

The motor required the greater part of its 220 bhp to convey the 2½ ton auto stone monument from rest to 62 mph in 15 seconds, and to an asserted top rate of 109 mph. The upgraded Chaika was routinely sprung with loops in the front and semi-elliptics at the back. The rundown of standard hardware on the second era Chaika was greatly made strides. Latency reel seat straps were standard – as were electrically worked windows and radio flying. Without precedent for the USSR, an auto other than a ZlL had cooling. A stereo music focus finished the rundown, and a 66 Amp. Hr. alternator kept up the force request.

The M14 motor was modernized and accomplished 220 drive (160 kW). The Gaz Chaika M14 stayed underway from 1977 to 1988, after which point the Chaika limousine brand was finished. Albeit most Chaikas were cars, both eras were likewise delivered in 4-entryway convertible structure, fundamentally for parade use. The M13 convertible, or M13b, was worked for just two years 1961 and 1962. The M14b endured longer, presented in 1982, it rushed to the end of Chaika generation in 1988. A station wagon form, the M13A Universal, was created for a couple of years in the 1960s and is the most minimal volume Chaika variation. A significant number of the wagons were changed over to emergency vehicle or memorial service auto obligation

Gaz Chaika M13 Design Interior Exterior Car 1959

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