Gaz Ermak 4×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Truck

At the XIII Russian agroindustrial show Agrotech-2011 GAZ Group displayed another gathering of vehicles for plant purposes with GVW from 3.5 to 6 tons, which was called Ermak. This degree is formed concurring the exceptional necessities rustic vehicles, giving a tolerable crosscountry and non-strong soils limit, which is refined by high-space and perfect weight spread. Greater wheels with more broad profile add to shielding of topsoil. Transmission gives stable development on mechanical paces of 3-4 km/h.

In like manner, one of a kind thought paid to ensuring the comfort of the driver and explorers. The trucks are equipped with an ergonomic three-seat taxicab with cooled taken from the “Gazelle” light trucks. It has an adjustable managing wheel in both headings, ZF gearbox with joystick on the dashboard and the power flight. “Ermak” trucks are produced using all out base of medium-commitment trucks “Valdai”. Superb packaging and undercarriage upgrades the reliability of operation out of open avenues. The edge arrange in like manner makes easy to present any country gear. Key course of action of uncommon bodies joins: flatbed, dump truck with a 3 sides discharging, tanks for water and deplete, crane, and the body for transportation of sustenance, supply of mineral and normal manures, seed grain materials.

The Ermak range joins 3 versions. The main has a GVW of 3.5 tons, 4×2 skeleton for use as individual transportation and for little associations in common zones. Engine is Cummins ISF 2,8. The second shape with a GVW of 6 tons and 4×2 casing is proposed to transport and work in immeasurable and medium agrarian attempts and develops. Engine is Cummins ISF 3,8. The third frame has the same GVW of 6 ton, yet all-wheel drive transmission. For the less costly structures the Yaroslavl engine YMZ-534 and close-by transmission can be used.

Gaz Ermak 4×2 2011 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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