Gaz Sobol Barguzin 1999 Design Interior Exterior Car

The group of business auto nines “Sobol” incorporates into expansion to flatbed trucks and vans and minibusses as “Barguzin”. Their creation started in 1999, and in 2003 orchestrated generation of the second era model.

Vans “Barguzin” are partitioned into 10 seat GAZ-2217, 5 and 6 seater minivan “extravagance” GAZ-2217 . In the essential form, the back wheel drive auto nines, however there is likewise form of GAZ-22177 with all-wheel drive. GAZ-2217 and GAZ-22177 diverse body statures (2100 and 2200 mm individually). In all there are 10 distinctive, contingent upon the destination, complete sets this variant.

Measurements model 4840/2075/2100 mm at the base of 2760 mm and 1700/1700 mm track. The control weight of 2130-2180 kg ministers, full 2800-2980 kg relying upon the adjustment. Ground freedom is 150 mm. Both “Barguzin” (GAZ-2217 and GAZ-22177) are the top-end changes in the family minivan “Sobol”. These agreeable and entirely rich auto carry show that RV can move and work, as well as to completely unwind.

Minibus “Barguzin” with a normal rooftop has two alternatives: a salon “roadster” high solace, intended to convey six travelers and a variation intended for the vehicle of ten travelers. Ten-vans can be utilized as a school transport, and in addition in the social circle or the vacationer movement. Salon minivan car has a worth if Barguzin utilized as a business ministers as common to talk, sitting vis-à-vis. There are six agreeable traveler seats with headrests and collapsing armrests, collapsing table with furrows for glasses. Over the table there is a lamp.

Solace for the driver and travelers, taking care of, ride and soundness at high speeds are enhanced using free front suspension, which approximates the minibus most extreme level of solace to the traveler auto. All-wheel drive auto and a great deal more GAZ-22177 “Barguzin” is intended for traveler transport in troublesome street conditions and the farmland as a conveyance administration ministers, or for use as a family auto ministers exercises. The auto has front and back spring suspension, all-wheel incline transport bar, controlling with the water powered supporter.

All variants of minivans “Barguzin” are furnished with a compelling warming and ventilation framework, sliding side windows and a ventilation hatch, and in addition great sound protection. The back pivoted entryways permit simple stacking of baggage to the site of the traveler seat.

On vans mounted motors: fuel ZMZ-40522.10 and 40524.10 ZMZ-123 hp limit, expend 92 octane and diesel GAZ-5601 (Steyr). As an alternative, and a 2.4-liter DOHC petrol motor creation Chrysler. The engines are totaled with 5-speed manual gearbox. The directing instrument, as in all pirate GAS “Sobol”, sort “screw ball nut” with force.

Suspension front free 2-join spring with gas-filled safeguards and stabilizer bar, back subject to the 2 longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs with stabilizer bar (discretionary) and water driven telescopic twofold acting safeguards. Brakes water powered 2-circuit with vacuum sponsor, a sensor alert low brake liquid level and weight controller. Front circle brakes, back drum. The additional charge is set ABS. Standard tire size 225/60R16.

Additionally accessible with get models are entirely basic yet enough to mengakut products and exceptionally deft for use in the city. Conservative, deft but then agreeable minibusses “Barguzin” enough to require insignificant upkeep, are adjusted for use in an assortment of street conditions on account of the effortlessness of outline and high practice.

Gaz Sobol Barguzin 1999 Design Interior Exterior Car

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