Gaz Tigr 2014 Design Interior Exterior Car

A number of military vehicles, could gain popularity when marketed to the public. Heroic reputation of the vehicle plus the ability to tackle any terrain, a towing enthusiast interest in outdoor activities (outdoors).

Gaz military TIGR has similarities with American Humvee, for the true fans of Russian trucks, no more than coincidence in the vast rumbling under the hood is a 5.9-liter diesel engine, which met with a six-speed manual transmission and permanent.

4×4 production of civil TIGR can soften the brutality with additional convenience features such as leather, air conditioning and audio system blaring – hardly a top priority for GAZ, and obtain neither simple nor cheap. However, a successful buyer is quite guaranteed to be the only squad TIGR.

Comfort in driving really give impression for the driver and other passengers. GAZ tigr 2014 was indeed a very beautiful interior with a design that is sufficient to provide an atmosphere of comfort in the car. Material quality materials that really gives the impression of comfort are enough to make this into a ferocious car looks authoritative. Because this car is not only for military purposes but civilians had been able to have it with additional modifications as desired.

(photo : Andrey Philippov |

Gaz Tigr 2014 Design Interior Exterior Car

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