Geely GE Bo Rui 2018 Elegant Comfortable and Energy-Saving Design

Geely GE Bo Rui 2018 Elegant Comfortable and Energy-Saving Design – Geely Auto is the largest automotive brand in China that launches a new sedan with its flagship energy. As a plugin hybrid vehicle, Geely GE Bo Rui 2018 brings Geely a step closer to meeting the Blue Geely Initiative, where it plans to mass produce new energy vehicles by 2020.

Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 is available with two choices, the first is PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) that utilizes a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and 7-speed DCT (dual clutch transmission) developed jointly by Volvo and Geely. With fuel consumption of only 1.6 liters per 100km.

While for the first time in the Chinese market, Geely has developed a lightweight hybrid version of the 48V using the same 1.5T engine which brings fuel consumption down 15% compared to the traditional gasoline version to only 5.8 liters per 100km. The 48V lightweight hybrid with the BSG version (belt-driven starter generator) produces 177hp at 5,500rpm and 265Nm at 1,500 to 4,000rpm.

Geely GE Bo Rui 2018 Elegant Comfortable and Energy-Saving Design

Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 with a sharp exterior design, where a calm outside appearance implies a considerable power. The wide grille with pride and Geely’s identity ring.

The elegant theme of the Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 can be seen further in the headlights and rear with unique 3D curves and styles inspired by traditional Chinese fans and graceful rounds of gymnast ribbons. The GE 2018 Geely Bo Rui sedan exudes its own life and enthusiasm whether it’s driving or not moving.

In the interior of the Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 where it functions as a living space that gives the feel of technology and luxury. The Full Vision dashboard that was first previewed on the Emgrand Concept in 2015 has fully materialized here. Integrated into the dashboard is the GKUI smart ecosystem that was recently launched, creating an infotainment panel that is visually striking and fully connected.

Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 has the ability to set the atmosphere of the car environment with 3 predetermined driving modes. Flame Red for sports, Crystal Blue for eco-driving and Amber Gold for perfect driving comfort. There is also a floating 2-tier console Geely’s Energy Hub, which offers wireless charging for tablets, cellphones or other technology devices.

The material used in the manufacture of Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 requirements with high technology. Beautiful brushed metal inserts add the right feeling during the day and turn into a hidden area behind at night. This reveals a completely different pattern and provides a digital display that connects very well to the Full Vision dashboard. The Geely Bo Rui GE 2018 is also equipped with Geely’s smart key as an option, ideal for technology-conscious customers who are looking for full control of their vehicles from anywhere.

Geely Bo Rui GE 2018

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