GMC Astro 95 Design Truck Powered In 1978 – 1980

GMC Astro 95 Design Truck Powered In 1978 – 1980 – The GMC Astro 95 truck is a Class 8 cabover-engine truck, sold in single rear and tandem rear configurations. Unlike the Crackerbox, Astro Cabin extended nearly six inches into a 54-inch long with two sleeping cabin configurations available. Astro 95 is produced with a cover dashboard, speedometer and tachometer placed directly in the driver’s line of sight while most of the secondary gauges are placed sideways, based on their usage levels.

The outside of the GMC Astro 95 features rounded body corners and glass cover glass. In 1975, GMC introduced the Dragfoiler roof spoiler as an option. In the option that became standard a year later, in 1979, GMC offered the Special Series package. Featuring a larger radiator grille, improvements for exterior and interior trim, the SS package is intended to market the GMC Astro 95. In 1983, the Aero Astro option package was released, mostly in an effort to improve fuel economy. Along with the Dragfoiler roof spoiler, the option package includes a body extension panel between cabin and trailer, an air dam under extended bumpers and an optimized radiator grille.

Astro 95 In a major change of precedent, when introduced in 1969, GMC Astro 95 was marketed exclusively with diesel engines. The base engine is the Detroit Diesel 6-71N, with the Detroit Diesel 8V71 diesel and the Cummins N-Series as an option. Although Detroit Diesel has developed a gas-turbine version of GMC Astro 95 in the early 1970s, fuel-economy concerns will keep it away from production. In 1977, the Cummins KT450 and Caterpillar 3406 became an option, where larger engines required the addition of larger radiators. In 1979, 6-71 was replaced by 6V92, making all available Detroit Diesel engine V-engines, 6V71 discontinued after 1980.

GMC Astro 95 Design Truck Powered In 1978 – 1980

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