GMC DFW7000 1960 – 1968 Truck Hotshot In Its Time

GMC DFW7000 1960 – 1968 Truck Hotshot In Its Time – The GMC DFW7000 1960 – 1968 features two engines, the 6V-71 or the 8V-71. Truck with high tilt cab over engine, where trucks are indispensable for the distribution of logistics and development in 1960 – 1968. Machines with great strength are indispensable in heavy hauling freight. GMC DFW7000 1960 – 1968 not only in production with 4×2 models and tractor heads but still many with models tailored to the needs of companies that require GMC DFW7000 1960 – 1968 as one of the logistics transportation.

The GMC DFW7000 offered two engines, the 6v-71 or the 8V-71. this high-tilt cab-over enginr was owned by Murphy Co-Op Transportation of Hampton, Iowa. Their business hauling refrigerator product and also livestock, as we see here with this Chamberlin livestock trailer. Murphy Co-Op Transportation had a fleet of these 7000 series tractors and also the “Cannonball” GMC cab-over engine of the 1950s. – Brian Williams –

This “air-ride” cab extended out over the front axle. This style had a huge windshield that gave good visibility. National Van Lines Inc. of Broadview, Illinois, owned this GMC tractor and model 66 Series “VW” Highway moving-van trailer. – Highway Trailers –

Seing the “D” model cab as a tractor was common, but to see it as a straight truck was somewhat rare. Jim Medlock Produce of Malvem, Arkansas, trucked a load of produce to the Philadelphia Produce Center in this big diesel-powered straight truck. A big 8V-71 Detroit Diesel was probably the choice for power. – Harry Patterson –

Most of the tractor trailers had either four of five axles. In some cases, more axles were required depending on the load. Here we see a three-axles lowboy trailer with a removable gooseneck for unloading. Moss Trucking Co. Inc. of Charlotte North Carolina, chose a “D” model GMC tractor to handle this job with the help of an extra axle know as a “Joe Dog”. The “D” cab was also availablein non-sleeper design. – Jack Binch, Moss Trucking Co. –

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